25 June 2018 Unwanted (Dream), Haunted Dolls and Insight About Mexico ( Mexican Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Hello to you.  How are you doing?  I’m doing pretty good today.  We had a blessing of a smidge of rain we desperately needed coming through this morning.  It will probably be completely evaporated by the time I finish writing this but it was an answered prayer!

Had an interesting dream this morning just before waking up.  It was about a little girl and a baby that looked like a doll but it was a child.  It seemed unwanted.  I picked up and examined the baby and it had a golden eye – two different colored eyes.  Then there was a soldier-like man who had the same colored eyes that seemed to blame the little girl for the baby existing.

My husband tells me that I must have subconsciously been picking up on goings-on from his playing the Kingdom Hearts video game lol.  It could be my subconscious processing a bunch of videos we’ve seen lately with haunted baby dolls.  We are both very highly suspicious of most of these types of videos but every once and awhile you will see one that gives you pricklies on the back of the neck!

When I was younger I used to have a lot of dreams about objects doing things without anybody being there.  For example I remember having a dream about my red Datsun 210 starting by itself and driving into the driveway.  Another was of walking by the front of my childhood home and the living room curtains moving when nobody was in the house.  The creepiest was one of being in our basement and the vacuum cleaner lifting off of the ground by itself and in the dream my thinking my birth mom was the one doing it.

Anyhew….if I was a spirit and wanted to keep an eye on my prey and or majorly mess with somebody I’d get in a doll I think lol.   It wouldn’t have to be like Chuckie or anything.  Some of the videos we’ve seen are so subtle the people taking the videos don’t even notice the movement until somebody else says something or they play back the video.  I’m still very suspicious of most of them being just a way to get attention.

10 Haunted Dolls Caught On Tape

Changing subjects.

This morning Kyle and I were talking about immigration again and what would be the motivating factors for people wanting to come to this country.  We were pleased to see John OIiver has just put out a video exploring what’s going on in Mexico with regards to their political system.  After watching this video, I can see many motivators for someone to want to leave Mexico.  They have had 113 politicians murdered this election season alone!  As I’ve mentioned before, and most already know this, if someone can tick off the hierarchy of needs checklist they are most likely going to stay where they are and flourish.   Sadly and ironically it’s not much different for these folks here or in Mexico!  I was thinking this morning that instead of using all that money to build a wall, why not use those funds to collaborate to make both Mexico and America better countries?  I know, that would be too easy….

24 June 2018 – my drawing after it cooled down…”Rise.”

My prayer for the Mexican people and their upcoming elections is that whatever the outcome, it will be for their very best.  I want better for these hard working and in some cases very desperate people.  They deserve better!  (So do we but that’s a box I’m not going to open!) 

Mexican Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) – WARNING – this video has a very inappropriate Santa Claus in it!


7 comments on “25 June 2018 Unwanted (Dream), Haunted Dolls and Insight About Mexico ( Mexican Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  1. dreams about haunted dolls/kids are awful… and dreams about cars starting by istelf is scary too… and that is the brandnew invention what google wants for all of us… a nightmare ;o(

    • Self starting cars didn’t exist back when I dreamed it happening and now that it is happening for real I’m still a bit unsure about it lol. It’s a great innovation but what if it stops working. This from a girl who has a car with hand rolling windows and a CD player in it LOL. I think new technology is great but boy does it suck when it fails.

      • That would be a creepy or very funny premise for a movie now that you mention it! Cars controlled by a rogue Google engine. My husband had a few funny ideas like telling your car to go to the grocery store and ending up at the Lowe’s or something based on your internet search engine results. We are cooking up something Easy!

      • if the car is a “she” I would send it for shopping… otherwise a male car would come back without the things from my shopping list but with a light bulb and a carpet knife ;O))))

      • BUT the male car would redeem itself because it would bring the favorite ice cream and may be a card and some flowers. She cars can’t always be trusted to stick to the mission for the shopping….not speaking from experience or anything lool.

  2. I pray this man is able to do what he wants to do to transform Mexico into a wonderful place for the people there. From what I’ve seen and read about him, I felt he had a Bernie Sanders vibe. He seems to genuinely care about the Mexican people. I hope that wasn’t just a campaign trick. He has a big job ahead of him and I truly hope for the Mexican people he’s allowed to do it! If Mexico could become a place people want to live in and raise their children, it would mean fewer people having to endure the detention/deportation/separation issues we are seeing. These people deserve better!

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/leftist-wins-mexico-presidency-in-landslide-with-mandate-to-reshape-nation/ar-AAzsmHj?OCID=ansmsnnews11 – MEXICO CITY — Riding a wave of populist anger fueled by rampant corruption and violence, the leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected president of Mexico on Sunday, in a landslide victory that upended the nation’s political establishment and handed him a sweeping mandate to reshape the country.

    Mr. López Obrador’s victory puts a leftist leader at the helm of Latin America’s second-largest economy for the first time in decades, a prospect that has filled millions of Mexicans with hope — and the nation’s elites with trepidation.

    The outcome represents a clear rejection of the status quo in the nation, which for the last quarter century has been defined by a centrist vision and an embrace of globalization that many Mexicans feel has not served them.

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