24 June 2018 Dreams and “Nobody” (song/poem)

Hi there.  Hope this finds you well today.  I had quite a night last night.  Lots of dreams.

23 June 2018 – Only drawing from yesterday. It was just too hot to spend much time outside. “Keyhole in the sky.”

The first dream  was of an awkward introduction to a young dark-haired man who said his name was Alan.  It was like we were having a flying lesson at Hogwarts.  Before he told me his name he gave me a kiss.  We were like awkward teenagers meeting for the first time.

The second dream was about actually going to a Prince tribute concert I had been considering a couple of days ago on Facebook.  The man who was being Prince got lots of excitement – after the concert the fans ran up to him to get their pictures taken.

The third dream was about being with a younger David Bowie in a restaurant.  We were talking about something to do with a piece of paper that had a bunch of difficult questions being left for someone on a table.  He said he didn’t care if they got any of the answers right.  It was about them acknowledging the miracle of a piece of paper being specifically addressed to someone in a random restaurant and their finding it. It would be like you spontaneously deciding to go eat at McDonald’s and going to sit down with your food and finding a test addressed to you by name waiting at your table!  “I’m not trying to be clever, I’m an idiot most of the time,” he said.  Then we both started laughing really hard and I looked to my right and another version of David, older,  is sitting at the table next to us and they start laughing too.  While we were all laughing I felt a sharp scratch on my right ankle in my waking world and woke up.

Before heading out on the dog walk this morning this little poem/song came to me, I’ve given it the title Nobody.  I think it’s about the God of my understanding, energy.  Energy is everywhere and in everything and yet we can’t see all that is going on with it.  The tiny particles that fill the space in between objects, thoughts and deeds.  It is easy to take so much for granted about this life.  I try to remember that every little piece of how and why I am here is thanks to forces seen and unseen.  The trees, the clouds, the insects, the people and animals I love, the very air I breathe is all because of energy….because of God.


“I am nobody of any consequence

A passing cloud

A persistent itch at the end of your nose

An unseen tug on the tip of your toes

A passing thought you might of had

That made you smile

Or made you real sad

I am nobody

And yet I’m everything.”


23 June 2018 – drawing I did yesterday. “Ghost food” is what I’m calling it lol.

1141 am – adding these drawings to this post.  The blue butterfly is a connection to Alice Through The Looking Glass and having a dream with Alan in it last night.  This drawing is about, to me, the transition from our being one form to another when we are through with this life:


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