22 June 2018 Drawings and Dream (Shadow in the barn)

Hello to you.  Hope this finds you well in mind, body and spirit.  We are doing pretty well.  I didn’t have a very restful sleep last night, lots of tossing and turning.  Doesn’t help the mosquitos have been using me as a pin cushion again lol!

I did dream though and it was quite involved.  The only part I took to the waking world was this.  There was a woman walked into a barn and there was a black cloud or shadow entity in there.  It moved towards her making that scary chattering weird “voice” sound and startled me awake.  It was refreshing that for a change this sort of thing wasn’t “after me” directly but I was fearful for the woman!  I hope there was nothing to it.  I’ve been attacked by a such a shadow before when we lived in Delaware and it was terrifying.  The next day after it happened they pulled a body out of a neighbors yard from across the street.  We were very freaked out about that!

(The chimney shadow looks a bit like what I saw in my dream only it was more like a cloud of jet black curling smoke that was intelligent)

20 June 2018 – Our chimney casting a people shadow.

(The reason I do the dividing by 2 is the splitting between our light and shadow self – this is usually required for words that require analysis, examination and the infusion of perception both biological and spiritual).

19 8 1 4 15 23

S H A D O W  = 70/7 divided by 2 = 3.5 = 8/4/2/1 – deciding if a shadow is a positive or a negative thing involves perception of both our eyes and both sides of ourselves

15 21 9 10 1

O U  I  J A = 56/11/2/1

16 1 18 1 14 15 18 13 1 12

P A R A N O R M A L = 109/10/1

4 18 5 1 13

D R E A M = 41/5 divided by 2 = 2.5 = 7 divided by 2 = 3.5 = 8/4/2/1 – dreams almost always are up for analysis, perception and examination.

19 20 18 5 19 19 5 4

S T R E S S E D (DESSERTS) = 109/10/1  (I’m tickled a bit here, you have to admit being stressed and eating some desserts fringes on a paranormal experience!)

This poem by my Mom is an example of a positive perception of a shadow.

The Shadow
By (My Mom, Jeannie Faith Becker this poem won her first place in the first Borah High School poetry contest in Boise Idaho, she was in her Senior Year)

Through the field of clover fair
Moved a shadow, swept by air

It sank upon the earth so warm –
All nature loved this slender form.

Of clover plucked from this fair land
It wove a wreath, its hair to band.

The shadow raised its head to see
Blue flashing birds fly from a tree.

It felt a surge of love for this
Fresh air, soft sky, it was bliss.

The shadow did a dance so gay,
It swirled, it swayed, then died away……

The mind and soul of the young girl
Who sat amongst the class turmoil

Returned to her with sighs of woe.
“It’s stuffy here,” she murmured low.

She frowned, then smiled, without delay,
“At least my mind can soar away

Oh!  I have found the magic key –
Imagination sets you free!”


4 comments on “22 June 2018 Drawings and Dream (Shadow in the barn)

  1. You really were into purple…lol!! Love looking at shapes of clouds…use to spend so much time as kids staring into the sky and seeing the interesting shapes that were dogs, people, animals, etc in the clouds.

    • Yes Kirt I am definitely into purple lol. Part of it is that the purples in the boxes of chalks I have are the most vibrant and show up the best in my drawings. A lot of the other colors don’t stand out. I am still very much a kid inside (harder these days) and sky watching is one of my favorite things to do. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

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