19 June 2018 Digital Time Travel

Hello to you.  How is your here and now as you visit here?  I hope you are well in mind, body and spirit.  I hope if you have hit a rough patch in your life, whatever it is, that you have an excellent support system and a path out charted….that you are being loved through whatever you are facing.

In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.
Phil Collins

May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.
John O’Donohue

We’re all just walking each other home.
Ram Dass

I time traveled a bit this morning to 17 Sept 2015 when Kyle and I visited the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. This is so beautiful. If we lived in a non-drought part of the world I would love to have this in my backyard. Great for meditation!

Today I did some digital time traveling to the 1980’s and just a couple of years ago.  Isn’t it amazing how easily we can do that now?  The only glitch I have is I guess how I label my pictures when I save them.  I guess I’m using too many words which confuses my computer later when I go looking for things.   It’s almost to the point I want to go back to saving stuff on CD’s lol.

Since my formative years took place in the 1980’s, my favorite music and many of my best memories are locked into that time zone.  I think this is probably the case for folks my age.  The internet has lots of funny meme’s about the 1980’s.  Since I’m limited on my picture space, which I’ve been rapidly filling again lol, I’ll just share this one:

19 June 2018 – I was in an 80’s nostalgia mood this morning and found this – too funny!

Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue (Official Music Video)   – for those that don’t get the meme, this is the song it’s about

I try to listen to many different types of music from as many realms as possible, but few genres of music affect me as positively as music from the 80’s does.  A lot of the music I hear now sounds the same.  Every once in awhile I’ll hear something that catches me but a lot of times it’s older groups.


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