8 June 2018 These Little things (poem)

7 June 2018 – I was thinking as I did this that sometimes it can feel like life is a tunnel.

Hello to you.  We made it, it’s Friday morning (here).   If you are reading this, we did an amazing thing and survived life on this planet another day!  One of the things Kyle and I often say, and I picked this up from my AA days, “It’s always a good day when you wake up on the green side.”  No matter how much proverbial shit the world will shovel to us at times, getting a new day to try again is a blessing.  It may not always feel like it, but life is yet a gift.

As we started off on our walk with Link and Spot this morning we stopped by the mail box and found a love and a hug sealed in an envelope from my Aunt Ruth!  What a lovely way to start the day getting love from across the miles!  Her card will join my Mom’s by my bedside!

8 June 2018 – What a loving message to receive from my Aunt in the mailbox this morning!

I took the camera out back this morning.

These Little Things – Jackie

Each day is a combination so random and yet carefully planned

Who will go where, who will say and do what

Where each one will stand.

In between all the hurry and flurry I see these little things

The fluttering, flapping and singing

All the beings of the earth and sky with wings

The peek-a-boo cat hiding behind the neighbors tree

Watching for rabbits with one eye and with the other

Spying on me

The tired little rose, the last on the bush to bloom

The morning sun through the window

Casting light through dust particles in the room

The fleck of red in my husbands beard and light of his smile

Our little Link resting comfortably in his well-worn bed

On the tile.

These little things all fragments of one part

All the most important things

That fit into my heart.


Indeed, for me, it’s the little things I come back to the most when I need to find my way when I’ve strayed off the path of heart centered living.  When Kyle and I find ourselves really getting crabby and bitching too much about things we stop the train of thought with one question, “What are you grateful for?”  Usually that’s all it takes to turn things around.  I saw this post on my Facebook feed this morning and it resonated:

8 June 2018 – I saw this on my FB feed this morning and it resonated: If you can stay positive in a negative situation, you win.



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