4 June 2018 Spirit Bird, Rose Woman (drawings) and Unbreakable (poem by Mia)

Hi there.  Tomorrow is going to be busy for us so figured I’d post tonight before bed.

Remember me mentioning in my previous post about having started to read Cabin in the Woods book.  Yeah, well I “ate” the whole thing this afternoon lol.  I knew it would happen!  Since I’ve seen the movie several times, reading the book flows in my head like watching the movie.

I did these drawings this morning after the slab dried off from the bits of rain we were blessed to get.  There has been a strange energy outside for several days now.  I don’t know if it’s because the kids are finally free of school or just the heat.  Just weird vibes.  Probably a combination of so many things.  Doing these drawings is tool I use to help me relax, actively meditate, calm myself,  connect with my spirit and soothe my own energy fields.  It’s one of the most rewarding artistic things I’ve found for myself and the cheapest craft type thing I do lool!  It’s only like $6 for a box of 48 Crayola chalks!

I was looking for a poem about spirit birds and found this beautiful little poem by a writer named Mia.  I hope you like it too.

Unbreakable – by Mia

We fly together, high and free;

I follow you, you follow me.

We touch the moon, we touch a star;

And daylights end is yet so far.

Like two birds in the open sky,

Unbreakable souls, you and I.


(3 cycle to me symbolizes life, death and rebirth)

21 14 2 18 5 1 11 1 2 12 5

U N B R E A K A B L E = 92/11/2/1

2 9 18 4

B I R D = 33/6/3 cycle

19 15 21 12

S O U L = 67/13/4/2/1

18 15 19 5

R O S E = 57/12/3 cycle

23 15 13 1 14

W O M A N = 66/12/3 cycle


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