4 June 2018 After the Rain, Dear David (Nuke’s Top 5) and book versions of movies

Hello to you!  How are you doing from where and when you are?  I hope doing well.  We had a blessing this morning – some rain!

I finished reading the book version of the movie Constantine last night.  If you have ever seen the movie, the book version elaborates on things they didn’t put in the movie. I really hope that none of what’s in that story about the planes of existence, especially hell, isn’t true!  There is something about the elements of this story that resonate with me on many levels.  Sometimes it feels like this country has a huge case of possession going on.  Not by opoids either!  Sometimes I read the headlines and the things people are doing to themselves and each other and seriously wonder if it’s them or them being possessed by a force beyond their control.  I have mentioned that when I’m in my cycles, especially this last one, it can feel like being possessed by an outside force!  You are in your body but the stuff you do is totally not you!  You have to ask when these mass shootings happen, “Who was driving that car?!”  (car meaning person).

I’ve talked to many people who look at the world both logically and from the spiritual aspect.  Many of us agree that with all the wifi/wireless transmissions going on all around us and so many battery operated devices like cell phones etc. that ghosts, spirits, entities from other dimensions are getting a lot of extra juice in which is operate in the world of the living.  The increase in technology combined with all the negative energy generated by so many of us being used as pawns against each other for one reason or another is creating portals for shadow beings.

https://www.livescience.com/52641-science-of-paranormal-ghosts.html – interesting article that talks about infrasound and electromagnetic energy fields as possible explanations for paranormal activity.


infra-sound (noun)
sound waves with frequencies below the lower limit of human audibility.
What is electromagnetic energy?
Quick Answer. Electromagnetic energy is a form of energy that can be reflected or emitted from objects through electrical or magnetic waves traveling through space. Electromagnetic energy comes in many examples including gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, microwaves, radio waves and infrared radiation.

Kyle and I watch a lot of programs on You tube about stuff caught on surveillance cameras etc. and there just seems to be so much more strange stuff than their used to be.  Some of it you watch and you know it’s bullshit but some of it is really creepy and you can’t just dismiss it!   This Dear David story is one where I wonder if it’s an elaborate hoax or legitimate haunting.  There are some we’ve seen where I’ll get goosebumps all over and my hair will stand on end and I just know there is something there in the video that shouldn’t be here with us!

Man Has Nightmares About a GHOST Child, Turns Out It’s REAL!

Ghost Caught On Camera? The Real Ghost Story of Dear David (Part 2)

I started Cabin in the Woods.  Earlier in the week, part of our errands was stopping by one of our favorite places, Half Price Books.  We were tired of reading the same book for the third of fourth time lol.  So we bought a couple of books that are what I’ll call “candy.”  For those who are avid readers, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s those books you read mainly for fun and finish off about as fast as a candy bar.

We have both of these movies in our collection.  We actually have bought Constantine more than once.  I think it’s the only Keanu Reeves film we own now.  We don’t buy books or movies very often.   The stuff that we do get, we make sure we can watch or read much more than just one time.

Constantine (2005) Official Trailer # 1 – Keanu Reeves Movie HD

Cabin in the Woods (2012 Movie) – Official Trailer – Chris Hemsworth & Jesse Williams



9 comments on “4 June 2018 After the Rain, Dear David (Nuke’s Top 5) and book versions of movies

    • I’m so glad you can relate to my post about energy! I’ll have to check out these videos when I get home! Have a great day 🙂
      Thanks for sharing my post!!!!

      • You are so welcome! Energy figures very heavily into my spirituality and view of existence. I’d be interested to hear what you think about the Dear David mystery after you have processed it. So grateful Misifusa mentioned you. It’s rare to find people who walk in the realms we do.

    • Synchronicity is a beautiful thing in motion! I’ve noticed this happens a lot with the folks I’ve connected with here on WordPress and it’s just beautiful. Thank you for sharing Marcus’s blog!

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