3 June 2018 Drawings and The Four Heavenly Fountains (Suzy Kassem)

Hello to you.  Hope everything is going well for you as you visit here.  I wanted to mention how exciting it is for me when I look at all the different places in the world you visit here from.  Even after all these years of using the internet, it’s still amazing to me that we are able to interact from so many different parts of the world just by sitting still!  The stuff of Nikola Tesla’s dreams made reality.  Pretty awesome!  So hello and thank you for stopping by such an obscure location as my blog lol!

So today’s chalk drawing started out with an octagon and evolved from there.  I may try to translate this one to canvas along with Island of the Moon.  Kyle and I are planning on some painting together this next week.  The paper drawing version evolved the story even further.  I was going to try and use Sharpie’s again for the sky background but decided against it.

I was looking for an inspirational message to include with this and found this beautiful message from Suzy Kassem, I hope it resonates:



Laugh, I tell you
And you will turn back
The hands of time.

Smile, I tell you
And you will reflect
The face of the divine.

Sing, I tell you
And all the angels will sing with you!

Cry, I tell you
And the reflections found in your pool of tears –
Will remind you of the lessons of today and yesterday
To guide you through the fears of tomorrow.”

Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem


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