2 June 2018 Light in the Dark (drawing) and Contemplation On No-Coming and No-Going (Thich nhat hanh)

Hi there.  It’s been a hot Saturday afternoon, like 98 degrees,  but I still managed to spend some time out with my chalks!  It’s always nice when the sun moves over to the front side of the house so we have shade out back lol.

This drawing seems to be about approaching a beam of light in the dark.  What comes to me is you have to proceed with caution when on such a quest!  I can remember what one of my doctor’s told me when I handed him a two pieces of orgonite I had made.  One was clear and had dandelions in it and the other was very dark blue and you couldn’t really see through it.  He chose the piece with the dandelions over the other one.  He told me he didn’t care for the dark blue one because he couldn’t see through it.  It made him think of how he felt about a dark room.  He said, “It’s not the dark that I’m afraid of, it’s what is in the dark that worries me.”  Yep!

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

2 June 2018 – This drawing is kind of the opposite of a drawing/painting I did before where someone was emerging from a cave lol. Now we are going in to check out a mysterious light in the shadows. Sometimes it’s hard to find light in the darkness.

12 9 7 8 20

L I G H T = 56

4 1 18 11 14 5 19 19

D A R K N E S S = 91

http://www.worldprayers.org/prayerwheel/index.html – I spun the prayer wheel a couple of times and this beautiful verse came up to share

This body is not me.
I am not limited by this body.
I am life without boundaries.
I have never been born,
and I have never died.

Look at the ocean and the sky filled with stars,
manifestations from my wondrous true mind.

Since before time, I have been free.
Birth and death are only doors through which we pass,
sacred thresholds on our journey.
Birth and death are a game of hide-and-seek.

So laugh with me,
hold my hand,
let us say good-bye,
say good-bye, to meet again soon.

We meet today.
We will meet again tomorrow.
We will meet at the source every moment.
We meet each other in all forms of life.

contemplation on no-coming and no-going – thich nhat hanh

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