31 May 2018 Dad’s Birthday and Bela Lugosi In My Dreams

Hello to you.  How are you doing?  I’m doing alright, better now that I have a cup of coffee in me lol.  Today is my Dad’s birthday!  Happy birthday Dad!

My Dad as a young man

The past few nights we’ve been having trouble sleeping because Link has been having itchy ears and waking us up.  I applied some Lavender diluted in oil and it seems to have helped things calm down.  In any event, I ended up in the spare bed last night just so I could get some sleep and had an interesting dream!  There were several but one in particular stood out.  It had actor Bela Lugosi, famous for his role as one of the earliest Dracula’s, in it!

What’s funny is having a dream like this on my Dad’s birthday because he’s always teasing about me and the vampire stuff.  He does that “booga booga” thing with his hands and his voice lol.  I started with that in kindergarten when I wrote a story about vampires for my classmates! I think some of my obsession with death so early in my life had to do with my birth mom’s death at such a young age.

Actor Bela Lugosi as he looked in my dream.

In this dream I was with another person and we were waiting to see someone.  Then there was this beautiful scene of an island with trees and a glowing bright full moon behind it (what is cool is our actual moon is full right now, saw it this morning!).  Then all the sudden there was Bela in theater makeup!  He examined my wrists and the bracelets I was wearing as a sort of payment for this visit.  After examining them, he could see I was attached to the bracelets and didn’t take them.  He then let me talk to him about all the stuff that had been going on the past couple of months.  He just smiled at me and was so kind.  I woke up shortly after this.  I didn’t want to leave!

Sometimes I wish there was a way to push a button when your dreaming and capture an image so you could see it when you wake up lol.  The “island of the moon” I’ll call it was so beautiful.  The image is still stuck in my head as I write this!

Island of the Moon – (Jackie)

There is a place we shall meet where the moon is always glowing

Where the old ones take familiar forms

For how long there is no knowing.

Reality slipping slowly on the tides of the Island of the Moon

There sits the charming Bela Lugosi

Bathing in moonbeams in it’s glowing lagoon.


Bela Lugosi Interview – (made me smile to listen to this – reminds me of my Grandpa Becker minus the Hungarian accent – very charismatic person)

Published on Nov 21, 2009

Bela is interviewed upon his return to the USA in 1950/51 after filming “Vampire Over London”. He reminisces about Dracula and the films he made in Hungary.



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