28 May 2018 Watching Over Us (Drawing)

Hi there – just poppin in with the drawing I did this morning.  I wasn’t as brave as I intended initially with coloring it in but I think it came out pretty neat.  A funny story about this one.  Even before I started drawing a bug did a fly by and left three green dots on my paper!  I decided to go ahead and incorporate that bugs “paint” into the drawing.  How is that for organic art?!  LOL!  When I did this one I was thinking about divine beings in the outer realms watching over us down here on Earth.  I guess I was trying to comfort myself away from the sad thoughts I was having about life after Earth the past couple of days.

28 May 2018 – This mornings drawing. Visualizing divine beings watching over us down here on earth.

22 9 19 9 15 14

V I S I O N = 88

23 1 20 3 8

W A T C H = 55

13 5 20 5 15 18

M E T E O R = 76

16 18 15 20 5 3 20

P R O T E C T = 97

19 20 1 18

S T A R = 58

5 1 18 20 8

E A R T H = 52

20 8 18 5 5

T H R E E = 56

Shantala – Hanuman Chalisa


4 comments on “28 May 2018 Watching Over Us (Drawing)

  1. maybe that bug came for a reason to give your drawing a special effect… and now we know that someone is there for all of us… even for the little things like bugs ;O)

    • I like that thought Easy! I love most insects. Last night I had a little one that was around me like a tiny little drone. So gentle and brave it would gently land on my hand and it felt like it was giving me kisses lol. So sweet. Insects have taught me a lot of important lessons so why not help me with my art too lol.

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