25 May 2018 Early morning

Hello to you.  Kyle and I are up early this morning.  I woke up after a dream about my Dad and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Ironically, today would be my birth mother’s 76th birthday and in a couple of days it will be my Dad’s birthday!  The running thing between my Dad and I is that he’s going to live as long as Moses.  Since we aren’t sure how long Moses lived, it’s just going to be for a very long time!

On the way back from putting my Dad’s birthday card in the mail, I saw a shooting star!  Perfect timing to make a special wish for my Dad!

Drawing of birth mom Jeannie Faith Becker Schmidt by Jackie Wygant


Prayer for World Peace

Just as we wish for peace for ourselves,

Harmony between ourselves and others,

And for God’s abundance to be present in our lives,

So we pray for others.

May there be peace for all people,

Harmony between individuals, races, religions, and nations,

And God’s abundance manifest for all.

In addition, we pray for the well-being

Of all Earth’s creatures,

And for the Earth itself,

Which sustains us.

MEM Rev. 20110813-01 Janna Orkney     Copyright © 2017
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