24 May 2018 Drawing Seven and Nailed It (Netflix)

Hello to you.  Hope this finds you well wherever and whenever you  are as you visit here.  Thank you for stopping by!

Before bed last night I did this drawing and there is a lot going on!  The seeming eternal worship of people who may be don’t deserve the honors, paranoia (“eyes” being everywhere these days),  Hawaii’s  Mt. Kilauea blowing up (https://qz.com/1287008/hawaiis-kilauea-volcano-is-creating-methane-fissures-in-the-streets/), prayers to heaven and tears of rain falling in response and finally the seven deadly sins that refuse to stay “dead.”

I have been doing a lot of praying for the worlds greatest good these days.  There is so much it’s hard to focus on just one thing.  I just want things to be better for everyone (not just humans) and apparently that is quite a difficult thing to orchestrate for God.  I imagine God has this huge board of the present time and all the pieces of the future that have to land just so in order for desired outcomes to occur.  Even though we think things couldn’t possibly head in a better direction standing in this moment, I feel there is a divine plan at work.  Even if things won’t be immediately better for many of us, I am sincerely hoping our children will fare much better.  We are a part of the change they will live to see…..the people they will eventually be.

24 May 2018 – drawing I did before bed last night. A lot going on!

Doesn’t it feel like just when you have one of the seven under control another rises up to take its place?!  Such a tightrope act to be a balanced human being in such a chaotic world.    We are trying to find more reasons to be grateful, to laugh and to love.  We found a fun show on Netflix recently, Nailed It, that is helping for a bit.  It is absolutely hilarious to watch ordinary people try to recreate really elaborate pastries!  The two primary judges, Nicole Byer and French chef Jacques Torres, are absolutely adorable.  Hopefully there will be more than one season.  Thank you Nicole and Jacques for helping make our world a little brighter.

Nailed It I Trailer [HD] I Netflix

Published on Feb 21, 2018

This is Nailed It, the show where everyday home bakers attempt to recreate amazing treats…and don’t always get there. From gingerbread men that look like monsters to wedding cakes that would make any bride say, “I don’t.” If you’ve ever tried to make something epic and wound up with an epic fail, this is the show for you. The baker who comes closest to success will walk away with $10,000 and the chance to finally say…Nailed It! #pinterestfail

16 18 1 25 5 18

P R A Y E R = 83

22 15 12 3 1 14 15

V O L C A N O = 82

1 18 20

A R T = 39 (3 cycle)

4 18 1 23

D R A W = 46

19 5 22 5 14

S E V E N = 65

19 9 14

S I N = 42 (no surprise, 3 cycle)

12 1 21 7 8

L A U G H = 49

20 5 1 18 19

T E A R S = 63 (9 cycle)

16 1 18 1 14 15 9 1

P A R A N O I A = 75 (3 cycle, no surprise right?!)

20 23 9 14

T W I N = 66 (3 cycle)

3 1 11 5

C A K E = 20

16 9 5

P I E = 30 (3 cycle right to your thighs lool)



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