23 May 2018 Dreams and Breathing

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.”
Albert Einstein, The World as I See It

Hi there.  Hope this finds you well in your here and now as you visit me here.  Just got back from walking Link and Spot while Kyle went to get provisions for us and kind of a stagnant morning!  Like someone put a lid on top of the sky. You know those kinds of days where it feels like there isn’t enough air or something.  Both my dreams last night had the breathing topic come up in them.

The first one was of my being in a tavern like place with a woman wearing one of those beautiful old fashion long flowing sleeveless gowns.  It was a shiny green.  She said to me, “He’s lost his lust for life.”  Then she took my hand and we walked between worlds and it became night.  She was taking me to “him” whoever “he” was.  Then it was like she was a vampire draping her arms around me and suffocating me, I said to her, “I can’t see!” Then I woke up and was having difficulty in the real world breathing.  (My allergies and the cotton tree).

The second dream was the polar opposite in theme, it was science fiction.  Something about escaping from pursuers to a hidden spaceship.  Unlike the other people on the ship, I didn’t need to worry about breathing for some reason.  We had special suites that could fly.   There were those who could fire weapons.  The way to the spaceship was secret, I got there twice in the course of the dream.  It was a shiny black cylinder shaped ship with large windows.

Strange stuff.  I’ll blame it on the Kashi cereal we ate before bed lol.

A little fun this morning.

22 1 13 16 9 18 5

V A M P I R E = 84 (no surprise lol, 3 cycle)

2 18 5 1 20 8 5

B R E A T H E= 59

19 16 1 3 5 19 8 16

S P A C E S H I P = 87

20 21 18 20 12 5

T U R T L E (World Turtle day today) =  96 (beautiful, 3 cycle)

7 18 15 3 5 18 9 5 19

G R O C E R I E S = 99 (9 cycle, no surprise there!)

7 18 1 20 5 6 21 12

G R A T E F U L = 90 (9 cycle too)


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