2 comments on “30 April 2018 Blame it on the pollen

  1. I wonder that all things need a while to wake up from hibernation except pollen… and the flies…. maybe both things are made of the devil and not only the flies ;o((( hugs to you, we hope it’s over soon and you are mightier than the little evil things what fly through the air…

    • Lol – I actually have made friends with flies Easy. They have been trapped in our cat room before and I fed them tuna. You can use food to lure them into a plastic cup and put them back outside. I have been trying to not think of any insect in a negative way without first trying to understand them. It wasn’t always this way – I was taught insects are bad when I was younger and it took me a long time to find out for myself otherwise. It’s about energy. If you are relaxed and talk to a fly, you can coax it into a cup to put it outside. Same with with wasps and stuff. Houses are death traps for insects. It’s like a human going into a fun house at a carnival and getting scared and just wanting to get out. I’m the nice person at the carnival who guides the scaredy pants out lol.

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