29 Jan 2018 Taking My Time and Never Truly Alone

Just wanted to pop in and say hello.  Not been feeling 100% today.  Not sure if it’s the emerging super moon or what.  I am very sensitive to these energies.

Today was full of reminders for me that no matter how alone I feel for lack of human company, I am far from alone.  For starters, there was the rescue of a poor old cricket with a shiny golden face who was nearly frozen to death on the porch this morning.  I held them in my hand for a time and then found a safe place for them to get themselves sorted out.  Their antenna’s were all crooked lol.  Then there was a black wasp that got into the house and I helped them back out – pink cup transport!  What was cool is when I got it outside, two other wasps showed up and acted almost like they were waiting for the one I got out of the house!  They twitched their beautiful raven wings at each other and all flew off together.  Finally tonight I was out admiring the beautiful night-light to include Pleiades which is currently over the house and saw a dark shape on the power line across the street.  It was an owl!  It was flying up and down so it may have been hunting, I’m not sure.  I was overcome with happy tears about seeing such a special night bird.   Just the night before I had done a little drawing in my journal about such a thing.

Anyhew – I hope this finds you loved and loving.  I know these times are hard for so many everywhere and it’s easy to lose to hope….to lose faith in ourselves and our fellows.  I couldn’t even bring myself to look at much by way of news or Facebook today!  There is a great upheaval going on in humanity and nature itself.

Something I learned in my Quantum Touch training (energy healing) was to focus on what you love the most when you were working to help others heal.  These principles might help you heal yourself.  It’s important to have faith in yourself.



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