27 Jan 2018 Repairs in the Midst of Disruption (Red Tree and Foundation)

I’m back.  Sorry my first post today was a bit “sharp” like the edges of the glass I had to pick up this morning from an act of my carelessness….not fully paying attention to what I was doing because I was mad about some things.  That’s what happens when you get mad and try to do things without calming yourself down first!  Jackie SMASH!  So what did I decide to do after I looked at those broken pieces of glass?  Remember the Aurora’s Flight drawing?

26 Jan 2018 – The title I gave to this one is Aurora’s Flight. Inspiration for the poem. It’s overcast today so sorry it doesn’t translate very well.

It came to me to make the pieces of clear glass into a crystal sculpture. I repaired the base of the red tree with three green circle shell beads.  Inside of the holes I put a gold (sun God), red (Republicans) and blue (Democrats) bead with a purple bead in the center to represent unity.  The Red Tree had broken free of it’s bindings of glass for a reason more than powers and principalities!  I suspect everything that has been happening in this world is a Disruption for the Emergence.  Sometimes the only way to fix something as broken as our current systems of government and commerce is to completely destroy it.  It must be torn apart from the inside out and examined.  The pieces that are salvageable gathered together and given new purpose.  Something new….stronger….better will hopefully emerge that benefits one and all…..especially the children and beings we share this planet with.   You don’t have to go to war with bombs, missiles, bullets or capable hackers to tear a system apart.  Sometimes choice words are more effective!  If something is fragile enough, as with the glass base that broke away from my wire tree this morning,  it requires little to no assistance to break into millions of little, sharp pieces.

Anyhew….I done yammering for today.  Time to go work on my next painting.  I hope what I’m sharing here makes sense.  I operate heavily in symbolism….*laughing….remember the mashed potato scene in Close Encounters?  “This MEANS something!”  Sometimes it does!   I realize just because it makes sense to me, “means something” to me,  doesn’t mean it will to anyone else!  Thank you for your support, love and kindness.

Action speaks more powerful than words, but when you use words as your actions; you probably won’t stop talking. – Unknown

Read more: http://www.searchquotes.com/search/Words_As_Weapons/#ixzz55PKBjl81

27 Jan 2018 – Red tree with shattered base after I found about CHIP funding issues. I don’t have my own children but care about everyone else’s! You don’t use innocent children for pawns in adult games. NEVER!

27 Jan 2018 – I have some culling to do in my blog here to make more picture room. I took other pictures but not enough room to share them without deleting more stuff!  What you are looking at is repaired Red Tree, I made a crystal sculpture out of the broken glass and there were two strings of light in the angel – now one is in the new sculpture. I am looking forward to taking this out into the sunshine to see what it looks like. There are prisms of rainbows in the glass even without the sunlight. I like doing things like this. It makes me feel better and helps give me hope for the people of this country and world. We can fix it together!



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