25 Jan 2018 Problem changing profile picture

Hello to you.  Just a short note to say hello and talk about something funny that just happened.  I wanted to change my profile picture and I tried several times but the darn thing would not load!  So I decided to be funny and see if a recent picture of my avatar from FFXIV, Deegan DeAngelic would load…almost instantly LOL!  So I said, fuck it, Deegan it is!

Lately my WordPress hasn’t been very friendly to me.  Our internet with At&t has been flaky for several months now and having the young woman crunch the box recently didn’t help either!  I don’t know if the repealing of net neutrality has anything to do with our internet performance.  It doesn’t matter really to me as I am spending less and less time on my computer anyways.  I’ve been spending a lot of time puzzling out riddles in chalk, journal writing, sketching and painting…basically spending time outside with the God of my understanding.

Anyhew…that’s the story behind my profile picture.

25 Jan 2018 – My FFXIV Avatar Deegan DeAngelic. He’s a level 62 Summoner and sporting a monocle and top hat these days lol. It’s fun and a way for Kyle and I to spend time with each other and online friends.

Here is the picture I was trying to share with you – just to say hello and give you a smile if you haven’t seen one…made one of your own in a time.  Find what you love the most and let what you find illuminate that piece of sun beating in the middle of you!

25 Jan 2018 – Picture I was trying to make my profile pic lol. Oh well. Here’s a smile and love from me to you through the wires.


4 comments on “25 Jan 2018 Problem changing profile picture

  1. I am chuffed, I found a Dr. Who lunch box, the clasp was off but it was inside the box, so I negotiated a lower price. who cares right.. LOL thought you might.. waves
    your AV is cute.

    • Yes, I love me some Doctor. We are missing watching it. Just no new stuff available yet for us. At Steampunk November a couple of years ago they had a replica of a Tardis….ohhh I loved that! Yes, Deegan is easy on the eyes lol! Hugs and Muahs to you lovely lady.

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