30 Dec 2017 Shoe shopping, Work Houses and Video Game Reality (dreams)

Hello there. It’s Saturday and the new year is almost here. Yesterday evening we got a call from Zales that our rings were ready….well mine was. It was disappointing they both weren’t ready but no biggee. Since we were in a shopping area, we decided to do what we had been putting off….finding a new pair of shoes. We ended up at JcPenny’s and actually found something. Kyle was not a happy camper at how hard it’s been to find a pair of shoes for $30. Most of the shoes we looked at, even with reductions in price were in the $50 to $100+ range. What we know from our past experience, is most shoes available these days are not worth that much. We’ve had shoes we’ve paid that much for last us less than a year. Kyle doesn’t like the wild colors and all that and neither do I. We just want a simple pair of shoes! It would be nice too if the materials to make the shoes were all from repurposed materials and the people who make the shoes were being paid a livable wage.

I came up an idea for shoe and clothes shopping on our way home last night. It may already exist, but if it does, not were we live:

Imagine going to a kiosk instead of a store. If you are there to buy shoes, a digital scan is done of your feet to get precise measurements (for clothes, body scan). Then you would be given choices of different shoes. You would select the shoe you liked. Something like a 3D printer but much more advanced would make the shoe you chose and voolah! Then when the shoe wore out, you would take the used shoe to be melted down so you could get a new pair of shoes. The same line of thinking with clothes…..everything. Every single thing we bought would be able to repurposed and reused making zero waste. Eventually you would be able to get this type of thing for home use.

Lots of dreams and they may or may not make any sense to you. My waking world must have put just the right things together to make keys to unlock these dream worlds:

4:28 am

Dreamt about what I would describe as work houses where people had been murdered, shot. I passed ghost of a man who looked like he was wearing bad old-time movie makeup and a little blonde girl with pig tails. You could hear echoes of screaming. From this I was in a place with rooms full of people, almost like the work houses before the murders. Then it was sunny out and lots of people were waiting for trains. There was something about travel to Guam and having someone who looked like Scarlett Johansson (actress) guide me to the right train. Then I was a person wearing a suite and being recognized as Nikola tesla. I can remember adjusting my sleeves because they were too short. Before these dreams I can remember hearing a man’s voice in my head, “You belong to me.”

7:28 am

Dream that was like I was actually existing in a video game like FFXIV. I was able to kill large groups of enemies with AOE’s (Area of Effect). It was dark. Then there was this cute old couple, Taru types, and one of them wanted to know how to say “How do you do” so I wrote it on the ground with my finger. The dream evolved to a sort of reality with epic battles and never ending wars. People didn’t realize they weren’t really dying. There were characters on a stage that had blue refresh bars after they went down in battle. When I asked them what they remembered, they said there was a “blank.” The video game was their actual “life.”


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