20 Dec 2017 Close Encounters of the Human Kind With Music (Dream)

Blade Runner – Rachael & piano

Blade Runner – Memories Of Green (Piano)

Hello to you.  It’s 4:39 am and I couldn’t go back to sleep after waking from a dream.  It was of hearing the scales being played on a piano over and over.  When I tried to dismiss it and go back to sleep,  I heard in my head, “prelude to a peace accord.”  Then I remembered how surprised I was back in May of this year to see of all people, Vladimir Putin, sitting down to play piano!

Putin Plays The Piano

I know Close Encounters was just a movie, but the idea within it about how to communicate with people we don’t know or understand through simple musical tones really makes sense to me.  Words and pictures can me misinterpreted.  Written words and pictures can be manipulated to mean things they were not originally intended to mean.  Ultimately doing more harm than good.  Every walk of life on this planet sings.   If we focus on what we have in common more than how we are different,  it could be a prelude to peace in this world.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind — “Tones”

23 July 2016 the process today — getting fancy!

747 am – I made this after I did the post this morning. It’s my interpretation of the love of music via Treble Clef.

20 Dec 2017 – I made this tree pendant yesterday with Kyle and my birthstones (February and July) and the key was a charm I bought when Kyle and I first met. Part of it broke off and it’s been a skeleton key ever since. Symbolic to me of no doors that cannot be opened when you use your heart.


3 comments on “20 Dec 2017 Close Encounters of the Human Kind With Music (Dream)

    • LOL! You tickled my funny bones with your comment! I tried to learn music as a child but wasn’t fast enough for clarinet so my Mom bought me a guitar to try which even with trying to read music, I still played by ear. All that didn’t help my future as a rockstar career either 😛 Thank goodness for blogging LOL!

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