16 Nov 2017 Breathe, Sunflower, Rainbow (Stranger Things 2)

31 Aug 2017 Jackie Wygant Gateway Park Arlington TX

31 Aug 2017 Jackie Gateway Park Arlington TX

Hello to you.  Hope this finds you well and if not well at least better than you were.  I know these are hard times for so many people!

These are some drawings.   The “map” thing is just me letting my mind go and the end result of the circles was the pen and ink and chalk drawing which look like one I did  with regards to sound.  It’s relaxing.   We have almost finished watching Stranger Things 2.  The episode with the “Breathe, Sunflower, Rainbow, 450” was weird for me because I had an association with each of those words and the 450 part….well my Mom was subjected to electro-shock therapy too so that freaked me out.  The Breathe – sleep mask, Sunflower – Kyle and I on a walk before we left Delaware and his stopping me to show me a sunflower that seemed to be growing out of nowhere and Rainbow – big part a lot of things for me.  A lot of my art, to include the sky bird drawing I’m sharing today, has a rainbow in it.  As I sit writing to you, I’m wearing a rainbow themed shirt I got at the Dinosaur park at Glen Rose lol.  Anyhew….as I said.  Sometimes the things we choose to watch aren’t just by coincidence.

After I watched that episode I all the sudden got really cold.  During one of my stays at Mesa Springs, there was a woman I met there who had a bad hip.  She seemed familiar, had blonde hair and liked to dance.  I know it couldn’t be my Mom, but something about her made me think of her.  She said something about having had to forage for the jeans she was wearing but I remember something about a car coming for her!  She was really nice to me but something happened inside me and I distanced myself from her.  She was very upset about this and kept pleading with me that I knew her, “Jackie you know me!”  Strange things happen to you when you go into places like Mesa Springs.  Not a good place for people like me…a lot of vacant “cars” and “passengers looking for a new ride.”

3 Nov 2017 Jackie Wygant outdoor chalk drawing Just Breathe sleep mask Alvarado TX 1

3 Nov 2017 – This was for me. Sometimes I lose confidence in myself or think too much. My old sleep mask, “Just Breathe” reminds me not to overthink it….just breathe.



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