12 Nov 2017 Chicken Pot Pie and the Captain Jack (dream)

Hello to you.  I’m writing to you later than I normally do.  I just had a frustrating experience that may resonate with you.  I had Kyle buy some pre-made pie crusts so I could make us some chicken pot pie.  He bought Pillsbury’s version of it and they taste good but are not user friendly at all!  As you will see by my pictures.  I tried to unroll the dough and ended up with a bunch of pieces lol!  I probably should have just made my own crust a l I ended up bringing out the rolling pin anyways lol!  My consolation is that I know it’s going to taste good no matter what.  Chicken Pot pie is one of those meals that it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks, it’s going to get all mashed up when it’s eaten anyways.

It’s another wet, gray and overcast day so not looking like outdoor chalking is going to be happening.  We need the rain so no complaints from here!

Had an interesting “snippet” dream.  In dream time it was very brief.  There was something about hot baths for rich women.  I caught a glimpse of a man who looked like Captain Jack Harkness from the Dr. Who and Torchwood BBC television series.  It was dark out and he was getting ready to get into a yellow taxicab.  Just before I woke up I heard a woman’s voice say, “That’s what you get for going away.”


I have no idea why I would be dreaming about John Barrowman but that’s what my Dream Factory cooked up for me.  I hope this finds you well.



2 comments on “12 Nov 2017 Chicken Pot Pie and the Captain Jack (dream)

    • You are welcome! It’s just a quicker way I found to one of my favorite meals without buying the ones in the frozen food section that are even higher in sodium or doing all the work to make the filling and crust. You’ll have to let me know if you try it 🙂

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