9 Nov 2017 Shine

9 Nov 2017 Jackie Wygant outdoor chalk drawing Shine Alvarado TX 1

9 Nov 2017 – the “layered” being below is me and above, guiding me on, all the mothers and fathers…people still living and not that have lead me safely thus far. I wouldn’t still be here without any of them.

This outside chalk drawing is a continuation of my previous post about Sara.  It takes many mothers and fathers, many generations, to raise a human being in this world.  I am grateful for all those still living and long since traveled on to other shores for helping me make it this far in my life.  We can’t do this thing called life alone even if we want to as is often the case with loners and home bodies like me!

As my friend Misifusa often says….Shine on!  As my friend Dymoon….always be with God.  Which when your concept of God is like mine is easy — God is “all of this.”  God is all.  Thank you.



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