9 Nov 2017 Lucid Dreaming, (Sara and the crystal)

9 Nov 2017 picture of Sara Sanders Travis AFB CA

1987 – one of the only pictures I have of Sara Sanders. Taken at Travis AFB CA.


9 Nov 2017 – Kyle’s FFXIV character Morrigu Deangelic on Warring Lanner mount he won this morning while I was sleeping and dreaming.


2 Nov 2017 – Aurora’s adventures in FFXIV. This a scene where he is reclaiming his Warrior of Light status.


2 Nov 2017 – Aurora gradually reclaiming Warrior of Light status.


9 Nov 2017 – Aurora Deangelic in Idylshire with Red Panda minion Kyle won and gave to me.

Hello to you.  It’s a very chilly Thursday morning as I begin to write to you.  I hope all is well in your here and now as you either intentionally or accidentally have arrived here.

I wanted to share a dream I had this morning.  I have been more diligent lately about keeping a dream journal.  Writing down my dreams and further sharing helps with my goal for more lucid dreaming experiences.

I recently watched this short video from the AsapSCIENCE  You tube channel.  They seem to agree, along with many others, keeping a dream journal is helpful.  Here is a link to the video if you are interested to watch it:

The Science of Lucid Dreaming

The dream:

I dreamt about a church funded by Petco (it was on a sign out front of the church).  There was a black woman there that reminded me of Sara Sanders.  There were people doing crafts and I was wandering around from table to table.  There was a necklace with beads — there was a cross in the pattern.  I found a crystal rock on the floor and picked it up.  It was in the shape of a piece of pie and was green and clear crystal quartz.  I was going to give it to someone but realized it belonged to me.  The woman, Sara, was talking about saving someone and finally his realizing “something” and if she hadn’t tried…” Her voice trailed off because I woke up.

Sara Sanders was the person who helped me get through my  first Thanksgiving at my very first Air Force duty station, Travis AFB CA.  She invited me to celebrate the holiday with her family.  Sara was like a mother to me and for a time after I left Travis, she kept in touch with me.  I don’t know what happened to her but I can only assume she is no longer in this world.  I was stationed at Travis in 1987!  This isn’t the first time I’ve dreamt about her.  She was so good to me and I will always love and miss her.

I told Kyle about my dream and he said that it was funny I should dream about a green crystal.  He was playing FFXIV while I was sleeping and doing a boss battle with Sephirot (a tree) and the green flying mount dropped and he won the roll for it!

FFXIV OST – Sephirot’s Theme



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