6 Nov 2017 Processing Sutherland Springs

​​​I am processing the news yesterday about yet another mass shooting in America.  As many of us already knew – it wasn’t if it would happen again, it was when.  I realize people are capable of hurting or killing someone else with just about anything if they try hard enough.   Our Government has had ample opportunities to stem the access to the most deadly of tools one can use to take revenge on another, guns.  Time and time again they have done next to nothing….even made it easier for people like this latest shooter, a fellow USAF Veteran, to get access to them.   How many more lives are to be traded for profit from the manufacturing of guns and bullets?  I think it’s time, before the body count gets any higher, that the National Rifle Association needs to step up on this.

The NRA has donated $3,781,803 to members of Congress who are currently in office. No current Congress person has received donations from the NRA. 44 of 100 U.S. senators have accepted NRA donations. 249 of 435 U.S. House Representatives have accepted NRA donations.

Sutherland Springs church shooting

On November 5, 2017, a mass shooting took place at the First Baptist Church in the unincorporated community of Sutherland Springs, Texas, about 35 miles east of the city of San Antonio. Twenty-six people were killed and a further 20 were injured. It is the deadliest shooting in an American place of worship, surpassing the Charleston church shooting of 2015.

http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/06/us/texas-church-shooting/index.html – I was angry and in tears over this yesterday.  So angry this is happening again and again and the response for each time is about the same.  Next to nothing:  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/proposed-bans-on-bump-stocks-have-stalled-in-congress/Proposed bans on bump stocks have stalled in Congress

https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/texas-church-shooting/trump-speaks-horribly-murderous-attack-texas-church-n817791 – he’s partially right on this.  People can use just about anything to maim, disable or kill someone if they want to bad enough.  Having “tools” like a gun, a tool specifically designed for maiming, disabling and or killing things around and easily accessible doesn’t help matters though.

Trump Says Texas Church Shooting ‘Isn’t a Guns Situation,’ Blames Mental Health

by Ali Vitali

TOKYO — President Donald Trump said Monday that Sunday’s mass shooting at a Texas church “isn’t a guns situation” but instead “a mental health problem at the highest level.”

Asked at a joint press briefing with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe if he would consider pressing for gun control measures in the wake of America’s second mass shooting in a month, Trump said “mental health is your problem here,” calling the shooter a “very deranged individual” with “a lot of problems over a long period of time.”

The U.S. Air Force confirmed Sunday that Devin P. Kelley, a former member of the USAF, was court-martialed in 2012 for assaulting his spouse and child and later discharged for bad conduct.


House OKs Bill Making It Tougher To Keep ‘Mentally Incompetent’ Vets From Buying Guns

March 17, 20178:00 AM ET

Updated at 1:55 p.m. ET

The House has approved legislation that would make it harder to keep veterans who are “mentally incapacitated, deemed mentally incompetent” or prone to blackouts from buying guns. Critics of the bill say it could raise the suicide rate among veterans — a rate that has risen in the past decade.

At least a dozen Democrats joined Republicans to support the bill, which was approved by a 240-175 vote.

The legislation would add a new hurdle to the process of blocking a veteran whose mental competence is in question from owning a gun. While the Department of Veterans Affairs currently adds the names of veterans it deems unfit to own a deadly weapon to a federal background check system, the bill would require a court hearing before that determination is made.

“About 170,000 disabled veterans are deemed mentally incompetent by the VA,” NPR’s Quil Lawrence reports. “A VA-approved guardian makes some medical and financial decisions for them. Their names go on an FBI list so they can’t purchase guns — House Republicans sponsored the Veterans’ Second Amendment Protection Act to change that.”

Opponents of the bill say that easing gun ownership for mentally disabled veterans would make them a greater threat to themselves. As recently as 2014, an average of 20 veterans per day died from suicide, according to statistics released last year by the VA Suicide Prevention Program. Between 2001 and 2014, the VA said, the suicide rate among U.S. veterans rose by more than 32 percent.

Backers of the bill, such as Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., the chair of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, say it would help veterans avoid being caught up in a bureaucracy that can make it tough to remove a negative label. Roe also cited the importance of “removing the stigma of mentally ill people — that because someone is mentally ill, they’re a danger to themselves or others.”

On the other side of the issue, Rep. Anthony Brown, D-Md., said, “When a determination is made that a veteran is mentally incompetent or incapacitated — for whatever reason — that determination is made to protect them, not to punish or deprive them.”

Critics of the bill include retired Gen. Peter Chiarelli, the former vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army. Speaking to Quil about why he opposed the bill, Chiarelli said, “Every single study you can read on this shows you that people in crisis — because suicide is such a spontaneous event — when they separate themselves from personal weapons the incidence of suicide goes down tremendously.”

The House legislation will now go to the Senate. It would change U.S. law by adding this section to sections governing veterans’ benefits:

Conditions for treatment of certain persons as adjudicated mentally incompetent for certain purposes

“In any case arising out of the administration by the Secretary of laws and benefits under this title, a person who is mentally incapacitated, deemed mentally incompetent, or experiencing an extended loss of consciousness shall not be considered adjudicated as a mental defective under subsection (d)(4) or (g)(4) of section 922 of title 18 without the order or finding of a judge, magistrate, or other judicial authority of competent jurisdiction that such person is a danger to himself or herself or others.”.


 Matthew 5:39 – why does it seem like this part of the Bible doesn’t matter in this country?

New International Version
But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.

Study Bible

Love Your Enemies
38You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.’ 39But I tell you not to resist an evil person. If someone slaps you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also; 40if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well;…


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