5 Nov 2017 Leaf stencils, Rv’s and “thank you for your service” (dreams)

Hello to you.  How are you?!  It’s a hot and humid Sunday afternoon here as I write at 12:55 pm – 88 degrees with 52% humidity feels like 93.  A little warm for November but not much I can do but hope it gets cooler!  Hope this finds you well.

My dream factory put together a couple of dreams that correlate to a lot of what I’ve been thinking about and sharing lately.   A phrase came up in the second dream that has been kind of a tough one for me lately as a Veteran….”thank you for your service.”  I don’t know how it is for other Veterans, but when I look at what’s happening in our country and the world today sometimes, it doesn’t seem like my service really made a difference.  The best way to thank a Veteran like me is to do anything that is possible to make it so this world has peace.


The first dream was about watching someone fixing vehicles and their family living in a small RV or camper-like home.  They had modified it.  It was a Hispanic family.  Remember seeing people, a child, sleeping in a room that had just beds in it.  A woman told me the kitchen was in a separate compartment.

(this dream was obviously connected to my exploring Walden and thinking about housing people etc. in smaller living spaces.  A lot of people around here own RV’s and campers.  Our town is like one of mecca’s for people who want to buy said mobile home: (http://www.mhsrv.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI77LmtZeo1wIVg2h-Ch1XMw9ZEAAYASAAEgLk5_D_BwE – Motor Home Specialists)

The second dream was after I had woke up from the first and decided to go back to sleep.  Just didn’t want to get up today lol!

I dreamt I went to a convention center like place (like Texas State Fair arts and crafts building) and there were Native Americans there sharing and selling hand-made crafts and some that were not.  There was something about a wooden ornament with a message “thanking me for me service”.  An elderly Veteran wanted me to have it — a woman gave it to me on his behalf.  There was a map with pins you could buy for each state and I stopped to look at it thinking my Mom and Dad would like something like that because they love to travel.  Then there was a tall Indian man who was guiding a tour through the place and I realized it felt like I had been in this place before in a dream.  There were televisions and furniture they were selling but I left the tour and went towards where there were people in Hazmat outfits examining and appraising crystals.

(This dream is a weaving of so many things from my waking world.  Going to the Texas State Fair with Kyle’s family and the arts and crafts were my favorite exhibit.  Some of the crafts in there made me think of the intricate work Native American people make (beadwork etc).  Navajo Code Talkers. My military service.  A wooden Christmas angel bell a woman let me select from her tree when I wandered into her room when we were visiting my Great Grandma Grode.  The Choctaw Christmas ornament I found a couple of years ago in completely separate locations on different days announcing the arrival of a boy.  The last part is like combining The Arrival with the Infinity Stones from Guardians of the Galaxy which we finished watching last night.)

(Is anyone else having problems with creating galleries?  My WordPress has really been acting up lately with that!)

Link’s “Granny” Erin sent this yesterday…this is one of Links baby pictures!! He was so tiny!




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