4 Nov 2017 “Walden’s Place” and the ancient energy war

Hi there.  Just passing thoughts along.  What I am musing about here isn’t new by any stretch.  There are people the world over trying to tackle the things I’m thinking about.  There there is a problem everyone knows about but seems unwilling and or incapable of doing anything about.  The problem as I see it is the “bottom line” of business today –  money/concern of profit and shareholders.  There are lots of people who have great ideas and are already working on solutions – they just need financial support and have to GoFundMe to get it or are not working together with others who are doing the same things — pooling resources.  For example what’s happening with our energy/utility services, streaming services for entertainment and everything in our world that has a niche market.  There are so many individual companies all trying to get a piece of the same exact pie and in the process they are further fragmenting our existence, destroying our environment….making life more complicated.  Ultimately it’s obstructing getting solutions to our shared problems accomplished more quickly.

(I can see most rolling their eyes and or getting a glazed over expression at reading this.  We all know this is going on but who is going to the first to say “enough” and get this old blue marble rolling…get out of the box?!   Elon Musk and Dr. Keshe are two that readily come to mind.  Why don’t we Superpac solutions to our shared problems instead of just elections? Hmmmmm.)

(These are notes after I drew tracing of my shoes, feet and hands – “How many lives did my shoes cost? Ask the ant” and the deciding to see what the dimensions of Henry Thoreau’s house in Walden (hence Walden’s place)  were and visualizing actually living in that space – like the tiny homes at the Fair we went in only more sturdy. The Venus Project comes to mind too.)

The “ask the ant” came from me realizing how things can escalate when dealing with insects and other beings we share the earth with – especially those we perceive as a nuisance or pests.  I was sweeping the slab out back and disrupted a colony of ants that had decided to build in the brick on the side of the house.  I put down some of the Diatomaceous Earth and watched as the some of the ants flooding out of the colony walked through the powder and how disorientated they were.  In their perception, it was a totally random thing for this to happen, but I knew better.  Is this the way it goes at God’s level to us?  I wonder!

Anyhew….  translation of my notes.  They are notes and thoughts so they will be “choppy” and won’t flow smoothly.

Walden’s Place – (Henry Thoreau) was a mere 10 feet wide and 15 feet long and all told, in his time, it only cost him $28 to build by himself. What if it was ok to have such a small space in towns? What if it was ok to collect your own water and we had “off-grid” electrical capacity? Like those mini-homes at Fair? Use recycled plastic and materials to make them easy to secure and easy to relocate but safe — good quality.

“Lego-houses” to withstand all elements and completely eco-friendly. All reusable — better bio-waste recycle/repurpose to grow food and healthy soil. Like the cinder block houses in Germany only recycled plastic — no more stick built unless wood is repurposed? Not like Masonite or particle board 😛 Make things to last and to be “fixable” — repairing things is a skill. It’s a job like w/cars and computers used to be. Privacy fences example — no more wood products. Keep trees in forest.

Who has already figured out eco-ways to repurpose resources for construction etc?

People need a “job” a purpose. We should be training people to do new things (Elon Musk) like constructing homes with repurposed materials. Habitat for Humanity example of who already does this. Stop penalizing people for going smaller and going “off-grid.” There is money to be made with this but for positive directions. Less people on grid equals less energy consumption. If “oil barons” etc. can shift focus from profit to saving planet they will gain something new — respect and gratitude….that legacy is worth leaving.

Keshe and Musk examples — start with one town, one country, one state and make sure to take good notes — input from people, involvement from people — make them part of positive change and they will want to participate and won’t be so obstinent to “change” — if you mandate laws/change w/o including people it affects you get roadblock/gridlock, nothing changes. People have to see and experience what you propose — be involved. Like villages (Keshe) making Magrav units together.

Get a bunch of certified auto mechanics into program to train them how to convert cars, trucks, utility vehicles and machines to non-fossil fuel. They go to their town and teach these skills — perpetual education, involvement, jobs and profit. Still have semblance of our current system but we will all be working together!

These thoughts are not new — who is obstructing and why?!!

The powers that be that are obstructing progress have to let go of the bad parts of the “past” — namely Fear of Change and Powerlessness — letting go of power — not the pull the plug in a socket kind although the oldest war is over Energy.

Energy Production and Energy Consumption in all its’ forms — (Current War)

It take energy to “animate” our bodies, energy to make a light bulb glow in the dark.




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