4 Nov 2017 Just Breathe and Climate change vs. responsible development at Senate ANWR hearing






Hello to you, it’s Saturday.  Queen May, our elderly cat queen has begun her morning demands for service so I will keep this short.  Just sharing some drawings/meditations from yesterday.  I’m starting to wonder if when I’m doing these drawings if my subconscious isn’t at work a bit.  The reason I say that is the last drawing of the day was a space ship and later we started watching the movie Kyle has pulled out, Guardians of the Galaxy (1).  I had forgotten we were going to watch it but may be my subconscious didn’t.  I’ve done drawings like that for many years.  I’ll draw something and then, seemingly at “random”, we will choose to watch a movie or some kind of media will come up that we will see that correlates.  I’ve never really understood this….I have to laugh when I say this….a sort of “t.v. guide?”  Who knows for sure.

As I continue to read Walden (not an easy read), I can see he was noticing and wondering about the structure and goings on of the people in this world in much the same way I do sometimes….he is just far more eloquent about it!  As you can tell by the drawings I’m sharing today, I’m trying to process things he wrote and what I think about those things both consciously and ultimately subconsciously.  Pretty profound stuff!


My Grandpa Becker – miss him almost every day.

I really started to notice this after my Grandpa Becker died .  I’ve kind of mentioned this  before in a previous blog.  I bought a spiral ring right after my Grandpa died and that symbol was something I would look for as a sort of guide: (https://saymber.com/2015/10/28/28-oct-2015-led-by-the-spiral-wednesday-keshe-foundation-livestream-broadcast/).

They keep turning to the answers readily before them versus taking a risk at becoming visionaries.  Leaders are put in charge to lead and part of that job involves asking the people they serve to consider making some drastic changes for the better of the collective.  I know most people in this country (world) don’t want to hear it,  but I’ll say it anyways.  We are all going to have give up a lot of things to build any sort of future….yep to include those gas guzzlers a lot of us still drive, large and small,  are going to have to go!  We need to start pushing towards converting and or repurposing any and all fossil fuel reliant vehicles or machinery.   Continued dependence and reliance on all things fossil fuel is not sustainable vision.



Climate change vs. responsible development at Senate ANWR hearing


Republicans are asking to permanently develop just a 2,000-acre footprint in the 1.5 million-acre 1002 area in the latest legislation as horizontal drilling and rigs with a longer reach combined with better 3D seismic data allowing for more targeted exploration have drastically shrunk the area needed to extract oil.

Cantwell, who has been a cross-aisle ally of Murkowski’s on other energy matters, noted the hearing was about prospective legislation that wasn’t yet before the committee, despite the fact a bill markup hearing is scheduled for next week.

“We’re here today because someone has come up with the ludicrous idea that we can pass a tax reform bill that raises the deficit, that increases our taxes and that will take a sliver out of a wildlife refuge to do it,” Cantwell sniped. “I almost want to call this ‘caribou for millionaires’ because it’s the most ridiculous idea I’ve heard as it relates to meeting the tax reform agenda.”




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