2 Nov 2017 The Arrival (2016 film) – time traveling in your head

Hello to you. It’s 9:36 pm on this Thursday….my “when” to yours.  I should be in bed and sleeping but I am having trouble shutting my brain down after watching the movie The Arrival tonight.  So figured I’d just write some and may be that would help me externalize my thoughts enough to help me relax to sleep!  Here’s hoping that works lol!

I was feeling like watching a movie tonight with Kyle to help us celebrate his completing the outage he was working and he checked Amazon and they had just loaded The Arrival for viewing!  I had been wanting to see this film ever since I saw previews and Kyle and had heard about it from friends but just hadn’t had the opportunity.  I usually see a film or pretty much anything just when I’m supposed to and that can be months or years after it’s made.  It feels like some of the thoughts and drawings I’ve been doing as of late validate the timing of my seeing this film…..I took notes.  I know, I’m such a nerd.  I hope the bullet style in which I’m sharing my notes/thoughts from the film make sense and for anyone who hasn’t seen the film…some spoilers:

Arrival Trailer (2016) – Paramount Pictures

Just last night I had been thinking out loud about what happened in this film being what it’s probably going to take to get our world on the same page with priorities!  An external force foreign to us all coming to this earth and our choosing to unify to try and communicate with said visitors.

1 Nov 2017 – The spiral from yesterday and hints of rainbow were left behind to. It evolved into me remembering that Gold Disk in space.

I liked the stories initial approach to the aliens – trying to communicate first before violent confrontation which is the normal story for films like this .

The aliens looked like floating Octopus (my meditation on the news story out of Wales came to mind).

30 Oct 2017 – this was me puzzling out why octopus are climbing out of the water in Wales: http://www.newsweek.com/octopus-wales-sea-beach-696137 – what came to me is something to do with noise boxes like sonar or something. I agree it might be pressure change too – Kyle and I get headaches living on land when there are pressure changes and weather fronts moving through.

The sounds the aliens made sounded a lot like the recent release from NASA of space sounds – some sounded like language to me.  (http://www.businessinsider.com/scary-sounds-space-astronomy-nasa-2017-10)

I thought Amy Adams character Louise’s path to communication – getting visual was on target – that’s what I would do versus focusing on the sounds they were making.

In the film there was no global and unified plan for such a visit and I suspect that is probably true in reality.

Impatience and fear on the part of the masses was very plausible to reality.

No one leader or singular unity among nations seems pretty plausible looking at the world stage right now.

The way the people of this planet acted in the film is pretty plausible and I would think a big reason why we haven’t been openly visited like happened in the film.  We are yet a very hostile planet.

The giving the information in 12 separate parts with the separate ships made me immediately think of how Dr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe(http://www.keshefoundation.org/) released and is continuing to release plasma technology information.  If you release something that would significantly advance a civilization you don’t just give it to one person!

30 Oct 2017 – this one got me teary – thinking about family photos and how many people in those photos are no longer tangibly here. I had drawn 11 and my inner voice said, “one more” – didn’t plan on 12.

Louise being “here” and “there” in time through her life with her daughter etc., resonated with me and some experiences I’ve had.  I would think someone unfamiliar with the concepts the film was broaching would have trouble following the film….it was fluid….non-linear.   We are basically a linear species so thinking of jumping around in time like Louise did in the film is difficult to grasp for some….how do you know for sure where you are in reality when you are non-linear?

That’s something I’ve grappled with before.  I was having trouble with time and where I was at in it during a couple of my past episodes.   What also comes to mind is women I used to visit in the secure wing at our rest home here in town.  Many of them suffered from Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  You would be talking to them about something and they talked to me like what they were sharing had just happened yesterday or very recently.  In reality what they were sharing were things that happened long ago.  They also would wander around the ward and move things around as if they were back in their own home in their minds but not in reality.  I can remember watching a woman sitting on a couch by the front door thinking her husband was coming to pick her up but in reality she wasn’t leaving the facility and her husband never came for her.  Very thought provoking to think what’s going on in the mind of these folks.  To me they were essentially time traveling without leaving their bodies or a room!  I don’t know about you, but I do that sort of thing when I read my old journals, hear certain songs, look at objects and old photographs…..I travel in time while standing still!

2 Nov 2017 – one of my box drawings. It was going to be a tree but it became like a tower. Correlates well to the film.

Anyhew – we enjoyed the film overall.  It was a little slow sometimes but worth sticking it out and so good to see Amy Adams again.  I think this would have been a very physically, mentally and emotionally challenging film to do with the subject matter etc.    Thanks for visiting and reading!  Time to try to get to sleep!



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