30 Oct 2017 Meditations in chalk today

Hello to you – it’s almost Halloween!  So hard to believe we are already to the end of the month.  Looking forward to sharing the seasonal spirit with neighbors and friends tomorrow night.  Lots and lots of drawing today.  I know this is going to sound really strange, but doing this is like externalizing a conversation you might have with yourself or a friend into images.  Hopefully something here will be for you.

The #3 has been something that has come up for me several times in the past few years.  Why is it when we make the sign of the cross (Catholics) is it only, “In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?”  Where is woman in divinity?  The conclusion I came to, in red, Temptation is a big one.  We’ve seen that just here in the past few weeks with all the Hollywood scandals haven’t we?  I think of what happens with anything beautiful, pure and or new….we want to touch it, get a part of whatever the “shine” is in the beauty for ourselves…usually tangibly.  Think of how most people react when they see a newborn child, baby animal, a pretty man or woman or a something exciting and new like a car, jewelry, clothes etc…they gravitate to it just like a magnet!

Obtaining a piece of “shine” can become an addiction just like anything in this world.

I know in my past, the reason I went looking to obtain a “piece of shine” (person, place or thing) outside of myself was because the light within myself was diminished.  It has taken me a long time to learn (each day is a new learning btw) what my ex tried to teach me, “you have to find a way to make yourself happy!”

You have to find the light within yourself.  Any light you steal from outside yourself will always burn out…..it is but a fleeting ember of the true flame that only exists within your own heart.   

Don’t know if any of this will resonate….I hope it will.




Dozens of Octopuses Crawl From The Sea In Wales In ‘End of Days’ Beach Scene

By Josh Lowe   On 10/30/17 at 10:39 AM

“There’s a mysterious octopus invasion taking place on the beaches of Western Britain—and it could be an unexpected consequence of the hurricane season.

Brett Stones, who runs the SeaMôr dolphin-watching company in the Ceredigion area of Wales, saw around 25 octopuses climbing along the beach on Friday.”


One comment on “30 Oct 2017 Meditations in chalk today

  1. Almost immediately after I posted this I went outside to check the mail and guess what was with my neighbor? A 7 week old baby pug (puppy) and what did I do? Went right over to it and after we interacted it didn’t want to leave me lol. Talk about validation of a point LOL!

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