30 Oct 2017 Marisa W. Harris’s tragic and ironic interface with earth school’s reality

Hello to you.  I got a bit of a shock this morning when I perused the headlines this morning, Google this time.  One of the most tragic and ironic stories was there.  A young woman named Marisa W Harris, who looks a lot like the woman I drew yesterday, was killed by a little boy (dream) who they think tried to kill himself by jumping off of an overpass and ended up landing on Marisa’s car and killing her.  She literally saved a severely troubled child?! There is something to learn here in this story.  Children don’t just starve for lack of food.  One of the main reasons I chose not to have children wasn’t just because of fibroid cysts in my ovaries, it was for fear of passing on what my mother and I share to a child in a world like this.  My prayers go out to all involved in this tragedy and all those like it all over this world.    I am truly hoping for something good to come of this.  I don’t want Marisa to have died for nothing.  Learning in Earth School is 24/7….24 hours…365 days a year.

29 Oct 2017 – After I drew the woman came the pyramid with the cavity underneath image again. The phrase is something I’ve heard in my head when I’m outside with the trees. May seem odd, just writing down what comes through.



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Woman killed when suicidal 12-year-old jumps from overpass, lands on her: police

By Ray Downs  |  Oct. 30, 2017 at 2:09 AM
Marisa Harris, 23, was studying to be a counselor to help troubled children, her family said. Photo via Facebook
 Oct. 30 (UPI) — A 12-year-old boy attempted to commit suicide by jumping off an overpass Saturday, but landed on a car and instead killed the 23-year-old driver, Virginia State Police said.

The boy, who has not been named because he is a minor, was severely injured in the incident and remains in critical condition.

The passenger was not injured.

Harris was a graduate student pursuing a degree in clinical counseling at Marymount University. Family said she was studying counseling to help troubled kids.

“That’s the irony that we’re at looking at right now,” her father, Patrick Harris, told the Washington Post.

“She was caring — I mean she had an absolute love for children,” Harris’ mother, Leigh Miller said.





http://abc.go.com/shows/the-toy-box – fun new show, I would like to see shows like this for subjects such as science and inventions also.


5 comments on “30 Oct 2017 Marisa W. Harris’s tragic and ironic interface with earth school’s reality

    • I know Easy. I want us to help make the world a better place so we don’t have children trying to leave before their time….go without first fulfilling their destinies and reason for coming to life.

    • I know Kirt – the whole story just hurts. This kind of thing is just becoming too “normal” for my heart. What would possess a child to do such an extreme thing?! Irreversible thing…like I said, I truly hope something good can come from this. We have to learn, we have to make children’s mental, spiritual and physical health a priority. Hugs to you! Thank you for sharing your feelings about this too.

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