23 Oct 2017 Neighbors and arrivals near and far (Preying Mantis and a baby boy)

Hello to you.  Today has been pretty wild since I posted earlier.  I took the dogs for a walk and that turned into a drama.  My neighbors dog down the street got out again.  He’s a beagle mix, only about a year old I think and his name is Blue because he has one blue eye and one brown.  While struggling to keep Link, Spot and Blue from going at it, I was able to get him to go into the crate she has out and call Animal Control.  As Animal Control arrived, I found out the neighbor across from where Blue lives had agreed to help out if he got out,  so she took him and the crate to her place.  We have some pretty amazing neighbors!  We can’t always do much for each other but we try to help how we can.

We all feel bad for Blue’s  pet mom.   She is such a beautiful person and works so hard.  She got Blue to keep her other dog Rain company and they are pretty much all she’s got for family around here.   She is working over an hour away which means the dogs spend a lot of time alone.  Her house is literally falling apart (namely the roof).  She’s working in a crappy job where it seems her employers are looking for any reason to jip her out of retirement in three years.  Makes me so damn mad employers do that to people like her and of course Texas is a Right to Work State!  She works late, works overtime, they bullied her into working a back office job or were going to fire her and all this for crap wages and hopefully some sort of retirement.  She is just one of a couple of families in our neighborhood that are having real rough times financially.  If ever somebody wanted to help some folks out, talk to me and I’ll point you to the houses!  Blue’s house would be one of the first!  It’s ironic too as we have brand new houses being built right down the street!  I wish Bloomfield would just offer to buy her house and sell her one of the new ones they’ve just built but it doesn’t quite work like that does it?!

Around lunch time I was out back and heard something fall to the ground and it turned out to be a someone!  A Preying Mantis of all things!  I haven’t seen one with my own eyes since we lived in Delaware.  This one seemed to have a damaged wing and or mobility issues but did manage to climb around quite a bit.  I tried to help them without intruding too much.  Preying Mantis have that kind of head that turns noticeably to look at you, like a human head.  They were giving me serious, “What?!” face.

Nature’s Perfect Predators- Praying Mantis


Lots of drawing today – just so gorgeous out and lots of Mr. Blue Sky!  I had hosed down the patio after the sun had passed over the house and after it dried did a little drawing I called “The Leaving.”  I got really emotional about it and sat there crying for quite a bit.  Well wouldn’t you know it, after I went inside there was a text with a picture from my brother Jerry saying his oldest daughter Megan had given birth to a baby boy today!  Cale Nathaniel!  I guess the drawing is fitting isn’t it?  The little girl I had known who was also a bit of a tomboy had become a Momma today!  She has officially left who she was behind.  Nothing will be the same for her.  It’s ironic to me that this very thing, birth,  had come up in the book I just finished, Dan Brown’s Inferno.

When you see a babies face and all those who are grateful they have arrived, people you love and care about, all worries about there being “enough” get swept aside don’t they?!   You just embrace the child and say, “We’ll make room for you.”

Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky (Official Music Video)


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