20 Oct 2017 The Moth Baby Visitor

Hello to you.  It’s Friday night here, I can tell because I can hear the sounds of “Friday night lights” (aka Alvarado Indians Football) down the street.  It’s not an unpleasant sound to hear people happy and cheering.  I enjoy the sound of the band (especially the drums) and the humorous sounding commentary that by the time it reaches our house sounds kind of like one of Charlie Brown’s teachers talking but way more exciting.

So today I was honored by a special visitor.  I was out back and saw this huge green caterpillar with small orange dots moving through the grass.  I had never seen such a large caterpillar in our yard before and was of course awestruck!  By looking at the beautiful beings face, I could tell it must be a moth of some kind!  It seemed to want to come towards me and I was tempted to let it crawl into my hand but thought the better of it.  I just talked to them as they found their way to our young oak tree.

I did some looking around the internet to see if there was any information about what type of moth this caterpillar would become and found only a couple of pictures.  It may be a Luna Moth!  I suspect that it is the offspring from one of the large moths that visited our yard this year.  We had a couple different species stop through but in looking at the pictures, they don’t look like the Luna Moths I saw pictures of on the internet.  It doesn’t matter to me.  To me, they were an honored guest and I pray for their safe transformation from a chubby ground dweller to a beautiful giant moth that can fly next to the stars.




The Moth (Les Deux Love Orchestra Cover) – Aimee Mann [Mr. Robot S02E12] 

Published on Sep 21, 2016

The beautiful Darlene moment from Mr. Robot’s season 2 finale
Performed by Les Deux Love Orchestra Featuring Bobby Woods.
Written by Aimee Mann


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