11 Oct 2017 God’s Pop Quizzes – broken fences and dog poop

Hello to you. It’s a chilly Wednesday here as I write to you. Love the cooler temperatures! Really beginning to feel like fall but this is Texas, so give it a blink or two and that can change.  Did you chuckle when you read the title I chose for my blog today?  I hope so….it was intentional lol!

So this morning I was up early, just couldn’t get and stay asleep. Kyle’s current work schedule has us both pretty messed up sleep wise. We’ll probably fully adjust as he’s finishes the outage….just the way it seems to go.

I’m not a very pleasant person when I’m overtired and our neighbors dogs, who busted yet again through our side fence, got some choice words this morning as I shooed them back into their yard (think A Christmas Story with more expletives you can actually understand.)

Sons of B*tches! Bumpuses! (A Christmas Story Quote)

We’ve had this going on literally since we bought this house. My fuse gets shorter and shorter every time something like this happens. This goes back to the loan for buying this house not even being approved yet and one of their dogs was already busting through the fence. They’ve been through probably 10 or more dogs in the past 8 years. Nothing we’ve been able to do or say has dissuaded them from continuing to get dogs they don’t take care of like we take care of our dogs. They usually end up running away or getting picked up by Animal Control, dying , or doing what they are doing now, busting up the fence trying to get to our yard.  This said, our neighbors are good hard-working people.  They work a lot and the kids are in school most of the time, so the dogs get left alone a lot.  Dogs left alone do what dogs left alone do – they get bored, curious, hungry, restless and sometimes destructive.  These dogs seem to just want a different place to go poop.

I wouldn’t ordinarily be so nasty about this but this but I’m overtired and they have not only busted several holes in our fragile, rotting wood fence…they leave doggy presents for me to step in too. The fence needs to be replaced and we can’t afford to do it and I’m pretty sure our neighbor isn’t too eager to spend the money or effort on replacing the shared fence either.

Every time I get pissed off about this, I feel like I failed another “test.” God seems to do that to me with certain things….remember those pop quizzes you used to get in school with no warning? Yeah, it’s like that lol. Just when I think I’ve got something I don’t like about myself all sorted out, God will drop one of those pop quizzes and show me the truth. Nope! Big fat F!

After all, how can I expect the world to live in peace when I can’t even deal with something that simple without getting angry? I have some things yet to work on within myself. Leave it to the dogs and their smooshy stinky gifts to remind me of this glaring reality!

Does what I’m going through resonate at all with you today? Is there something you keep getting “tested” on that you know you need in improve about yourself?

A couple interesting articles about us and our technology habits…addictions:


Oct 11, 2017— “Look around you. How many devices are bidding for your attention? If someone came into your dwelling space, could they tell what year it was by the technology that immediately surrounded you, or would they have to dig a little deeper?” Writer Emily Barr poses these questions, and others in this reflective essay that weaves together the latest findings around how our minds and our lives are being shaped by the technologies we use, and the steps we can take to make our interactions more conscious.


We Need to Talk About Kids and Smartphones

Markham Heid

Updated: Oct 10, 2017 8:24 AM ET


“It seems like every generation of parents has a collective freak-out when it comes to kids and new technologies; television and video games each inspired widespread hand-wringing among grown-ups. But the inescapability of today’s mobile devices—coupled with the personal allure of social media—seems to separate smartphones from older screen-based media. Parents, teens and researchers agree smartphones are having a profound impact on the way adolescents today communicate with one another and spend their free time. And while some experts say it’s too soon to ring alarm bells about smartphones, others argue we understand enough about young people’s emotional and developmental vulnerabilities to recommend restricting kids’ escalating phone habit.”




10 comments on “11 Oct 2017 God’s Pop Quizzes – broken fences and dog poop

    • Lol you are so right AC! I know we will get it all sorted out. Just happening at a bad time for all of us I think (there really isn’t a good time is there?) Thanks for stopping by – great to hear from you! I know you all know about the poop factor with what you do! Stay safe out there and thank you for what you do!

  1. I wish there would be a way to prevent that they bring more or new dogs …. we have the same guys here, the fingers of my hands are not enough to count the dogs and cats they have or had… and I don’t want to know what happened to all this pets… their fence is made for a 3 year old toddler and not for two german shepherds he makes aggressive with purpose because that’s his imagination of guarding dogs… ;O(((( huhgs to you I hope there is a solution ….

    • Thank you Easy for understanding and sharing what your going through too. I would be nervous about the toddler size fence holding back aggressive German Shepherds myself! We have a lot of folks here that get mostly large dogs, and just put them in the backyard and expect them to stay there. I get bored being in the house all day, why wouldn’t a dog? I think it would be worse for a dog because they don’t understand why they are alone in the yard and house for hours on end. I just have to keep my temper in check while the solutions come fo rour particular dealings. Hugs back to you friend. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Dymoon I’ve tried that several times before with previous dogs they’ve had and it never ended well. One time particular I took a mother and daughter dog in and they had fleas which infected my cats and made them sick. They don’t take care of their dogs like we do so I’m very reluctant to interact with them much since going through that. They are a Hispanic family and in their culture, pets are not always treated the same way we treat ours. Mine are like my kids, theirs seem to be “just dogs.” Which would be fine if they were doing what the dogs need. From what I’ve read and even heard The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan talks about is they are dogs to them not children. Which is probably a healthier mentality to have, but in America you can’t just let the dogs to themselves, not spayed or neutred and expect it’s ok for them to run the streets like they might be able to in Mexico. Like I said in the post, this has been going on since we signed for the house 8 years ago and just when I think everything is good….they get another dog and stuff like this happens. My neighbor and I had to have Animal Control come and get the mother and daughter Chihuahua’s I mentioned because they were malnourished and dehydrated. The mother dog kept coming over to our house for food and water. I am not going to put myself in the middle of anymore of those situations because it’s toxic for me.

  2. that’s too bad .. I hate seeing animals suffer.. you seem to know what you are having to deal with.. think positive… it might rub off on your neighbours.. =^+^= Do these people interact with you at all..?

    • In a divine timing sort of thing tonight, we were able to talk with the neighbors and get things hopefully sorted out. I was right that they can’t afford to replace the fence either so we are going to do the chicken wire route and that should help until we can pool our resources for a new fence. In answer to your question about interacting, yep! That’s the thing, they are really nice people. I mean when Hurricane Harvey happened, they had all sorts of people who took refuge at their place. They are very generous people and take care of their family. We’ve always gotten along with them as long as it didn’t have to do with the dogs and for a time their kids (when they were younger. they have grown up to be good kids.) So going to stay in a positive place as you aptly suggested. Everyone is having hard times right now and we have to work extra hard not to make them worse by how we are to each other. Like I said, God gave me a pop quiz this morning and I still have a lot of inside work to do! I have more to learn. Much love to you wise woman and your husband. I hope he is feeling good today. You both are in my prayers.

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