3 Oct 2017 It was a freaky Monday

Hello to you.  It’s 5:20 am on Tuesday morning as I start to write to you.  We found out musician Tom Petty is dead….RIP Tom!

http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/10/03/555157788/rock-star-tom-petty-dead-at-66 (excerpt)

“Rock star Tom Petty has died, his manager Tony Dimitriades announced Monday. He was found in critical condition at his home in Malibu, Calif., Sunday night after suffering full cardiac arrest, as first reported by the website TMZ. Petty was taken to UCLA Santa Monica Hospital, where he died on Monday at 11:40 p.m. ET. Petty was a widely lauded songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. He was 66 years old.”

Yesterday was like one of the weirdest and most horrible days ever.  It started out with Kyle trying to fix his wedding band on my ring sizer and snapping it in half.  Then in a case of creepy foreshadowing to the shooting in Vegas,  the singer Marilyn Manson was attacked by two gun props on stage and hurt bad enough he had to cancel some shows.  Then we found out about the shooting in Vegas.  Then later in the evening I was going to check our mail and I heard this popping and cracking noise like fireworks behind me.  I turned around and was pissed at first that people would be lighting off fireworks and then as Kyle drove into the driveway, our neighbors tree decided to just drop about half of itself on their front lawn!  ZOMG!!!  WTF?!!!

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2017/10/01/marilyn-manson-tour-on-hold-after-giant-gun-prop-topples-on-him-during-show/?utm_term=.bd39c821074b (excerpt, actual article has video clip of what happened)

Marilyn Manson tour on hold after giant gun prop topples on him during show

Numerous videos taken by audience members showed the prop falling on the shock rocker as he was performing “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” his cover of the Eurythmics’ 1983 hit, partway through his concert at the historic Manhattan music venue.

As Manson finished a verse, he appeared to turn to face a tall scaffolding — with two oversize props shaped like guns attached to it — at the back of the stage. Soon, the entire structure began tipping over onto Manson, who tried to shield himself with his right hand.

Source internet: Prop at Marilyn Manson concert that fell on him

Understandably, with all this crazy going on I didn’t sleep very well again.  I think our boy Link was trying to gas me in my sleep  as I kept smelling shit…his nickname is “Stinky Linky” and he sure lives up to it by goodness!  Anyhew….the snippet of a dream I remember was very strange.  I was with a man who took a knife and shattered a diamond into thousands of pieces that fell all over the floor.  I exclaimed to him, “You ruined my diamond!” then I got on the floor like when I’m doing beadwork and a bead gets away from me, and  tried to pick up all of the pieces but some were too small.  Just before the dream ended I caught a glimpse of a man holding his hand over a covered drink on a table.   Not sure what the symbolism is for this one!  May be this is my mind working through my thoughts about God being in the pixils…..the tiny pieces that make everything solid in our reality?  Hard to say.   Yesterday was just messed up on so many levels for me.

There is more information, but not much coming forth about the Las Vegas shooting.  Sadly and predictably,  our government is going to do what it has done every other time a shooting like this has happened, especially a GOP run one, they aren’t going to do shit.  The NRA and gun lobby is just that powerful I guess?!  Or is it just a case of saying “fuck it!!!”  I agree there are no easy answers with a country literally awash with guns and the blood of innocent people they are being used on.  At least make modifications like were made to some of Mr. Paddock’s guns (bump stocks in particular) completely illegal:


(Newser) – Police investigating America’s deadliest mass shooting say they have found a total of 42 guns belonging to Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock—19 in his Mesquite, Nev., home, and 23 in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino hotel room that he fired into a concert crowd from, killing at least 59 people. Law enforcement officials say they found multiple loaded high-capacity magazines in the hotel room, suggesting the death toll could have been even higher if police had arrived later, ABC reports. His arsenal included high-powered rifles capable of penetrating police armor, officials say. More:

  • Bump-stocks. Officials tell the AP that Paddock had two “bump-stock” devices capable of converting semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic firearms. Weapons expert Massad Ayoob tells the Guardian that the devices are legal but serious shooters tend to avoid them because they reduce accuracy. But that would not have been a problem for Paddock, who was “hosing a two-acre area with 30,000 targets,” Ayoob says.
  • Ammonium nitrate. Police, who have been searching a Reno property belonging to Paddock as well as his hotel room, vehicle, and Mesquite home, say they found several pounds of the bomb-making ingredient ammonium nitrate in his car, NPR reports.
  • Rifles on tripods. Federal law enforcement sources tell the New York Times that the weapons found in Paddock’s hotel room included two rifles with scopes set up on tripods in front of two windows. One official says his arsenal included AR-15-style assault rifles.
  • Legal machine guns. Wired looks at the different ways in which Paddock could have achieved such a deadly rate of fire, They include bump-stock or “gat crank” devices, illegal modifications to turn semi-automatic weapons into automatic ones—or buying one of the hundreds of thousands of machine guns that were made before the 1986 ban on such weapons and are owned by civilians in the US. The right to own those weapons was “grandfathered in.”
  • Background checks. Two Nevada gun shops have confirmed to NBC that they sold Paddock guns in the last year. They say he passed the necessary background checks and staff would not have sold him the guns if any “red flags” had been raised. “We’re very sad about the news of this tragedy. We’re in the business of selling firearms legally and took all precautions on this sale, as we do with all sales,” says David Familgetti of the New Frontier Armory in North Las Vegas.

(Neighbors say Paddock seemed normal, apart from his gambling.)

I will leave you with a couple of poems I wrote many years ago that seem resonant in our current times.  I’ve noticed several hits on this drawing I did back in July of 2005.  I was drawing A battle between the positive and negative forces in our world and the other side and all of it setting our nation’s capital on fire.  Pretty accurate of what is going on right now.  The chess game between “heaven” and “hell” and we are all, even the ones who think they are running things, just pawns on the board of life.


Pawns – Jackie Wygant 11 Sept 2008

The chess board rotates on a tilted table

The pieces not just black or white

The chessboard as old as Cain and Abel

Every living thing in it’s place

Every living thing in due time

Moved to another space

The players play with hands shielded from view

Everyday a new play

A grand perception, distraction each day anew

Nothing by chance

Carefully strategized by the powers unknown

The pawns dance

21 May 2017 123 pm Jackie Wygant outdoor chalk drawing The Messenger with one blue one green and one gold blue and green eye Alvarado TX 3

Time for Reflection by Jackie Wygant 30 Sept 2008

The leaves have started to fall down

The king and queen dissatisfied in their kingdom

Have started to lose their crown

Their room of treasures has grown wearisome and bleak

How much they have taken in their spoils

From the downtrodden and the weak

So in the darkness, in a castle made of sand

They realize now is a time for reflection

A time to live a life may be not so superfluous and grand

Time to dust off the playthings of the past

Not gold, silver and the coin

These things disappear into time and do not last

The old kingdom blows away, a seemingly whirlwind of dust

The crowns and jewels

Tarnish and rust

In the fields and meadows green and filled with song

All is forgotten

The king and queen soon have no recalling

Of what went wrong……


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