2 Oct 2017 Horrible start to our day – news of mass shooting in Las Vegas Nevada

Hello to you.  It’s 10:35 am as I start to write to you.  I am still processing everything that has been coming in about the latest mass shooting in my country.  When Kyle and I got up and he turned on the news while I prepared him some breakfast, the count was 20 with 100 injured.  I went back to bed and when I got up we are up to 50 plus dead with 400 injured!   This happening after Kyle, his family and I just went to the Texas State Fair!  What if something like this had happened to us?!  It’s already hard to get me out into public places where there are crowds!


“A lone gunman released a rapid-fire barrage of bullets from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel late Sunday, killing at least 50 people and injuring more than 400 others attending a country music festival below, police said.

It was the worst mass shooting in modern American history.”

I’ll be honest with you when I say I was relieved to find out it wasn’t someone from another country or of color.  I didn’t want this to be about “that” again.  No it was a Stephen Paddock a 64 year old white retired man this time.  He had no criminal record, had an active hunting license and owned two planes.

I watched and listened to President Trump’s address to the American people and it seemed heartfelt and genuine.  I honestly hope he meant and will remember later what he said to us about coming together and unity.  I hope that he will work with Congress to address what is going on in this country in regards to gun violence.  As much as we are tempted to make this all about guns, we have to remember,  guns are tools.  A tool of any kind can be used for positive or negative intentions.   It just depends on who is using them and what their motives and intentions are by having and using them.  It isn’t easy for me to say anything nice about guns or the gun lobby.  My birth mother took her own life with a gun when I was barely a year old.  I hate guns!

Inside I know I (we) can’t make what just happened, AGAIN,  just about how it’s happening and by what is being used.  We have to get to the core of why it is happening in the first place!  Why?!!  What makes a man like Stephen Paddock just decide he’s going to take a bunch of guns into a hotel room and start firing on innocent people?!  Sadly, as is often the case, the perp get’s killed before we can interrogate them or they are so far gone, as with the case of the Aurora shooter James Holmes, there probably wouldn’t be any answers to the why question that made sense anyways.  Most people avoid the mental health system like the plague because of the cost and the stigmas attached to it.  So they implode on to themselves with their problems or explode on to others.

http://abcnews.go.com/US/mother-colorado-movie-theater-shooter-james-holmes-speaks/story?id=39114942James Holmes, the Aurora CO shooter wasn’t killed and yet after all this time we still don’t know why he did what he did other than he was mentally ill!  Sadly, this is not uncommon when it comes to either being or loving someone who is mentally ill.   There isn’t a lot that makes sense in something like this!  The answers just make more questions.   

Getting to the why of seemingly senseless acts of violence is much more difficult that just making more gun regulations and laws that aren’t going to be enforced anyways.  It’s easier to just keep doing the same things we’ve always done OR  the dumb thing of stripping away existing regulations to make it easier to get guns!  FACEPALM!  What people don’t seem to get here, and I hope they do with Stephen, anyone is normal until they are not!

https://saymber.com/2015/08/16/16-aug-2015-better-out-than-in-men-in-pain/ – from a blog I wrote about what I’ve observed about men in emotional pain:

“Here is what I’ve come to on this. From my own personal experience and my experience with others it would appear the root cause of “dis-ease” starts well before the disease or physical ailment even happens. The “dis-ease” is only the visible manifestation of emotional and spiritual imbalance. It’s like an ignored child who finally gets fed up and just throws something in your face to get your attention! “I’M HERE! PAY ATTENTION TO ME! SEE ME!”

Another analogy is it’s like having an ignored splinter or piece of shrapnel in your skin. The longer it takes for you to get it out, the more embedded it becomes. Over time layers of skin will grow over it, it might even get infected, it may seem like the splinter is gone and the area healed….but it’s still there under the surface. This is what happens with negative emotions. A negative emotion may start as just a little splinter but left unchecked it can become a festering wound waiting to burst.  Some men implode and hurt themselves and lately we’ve seen a lot of men explode and take many innocent people with them.”

Laws and regulations are worthless if they aren’t enforced or they  have so many loopholes anyone can just walk around them. 

The strainer techniques normally used to prevent, catch and stop these types of things are never going to catch a seemingly normal John Doe like this Stephen Paddock!  Is getting rid of all the guns the answer?  Not really because they’ll figure out some other way to carry out their intentions and we’ve seen that with various bombings etc.

Are we going to kick this  “can” down the road again or are we finally going to pick the damn thing up?!  I am, like Sen Chris Murphy, sick and tired of “our thoughts and prayers are with you” and moments of silence from our Government over events like this!


Sen. Murphy Tells Congress to ‘Get Off Its Ass’ on Gun Control

WASHINGTON — The worst mass shooting in modern American history was met with immediate calls for action on gun control Monday from some Democratic lawmakers.

Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut demanded that Congress “get off its ass and do something.”

“This must stop,” Murphy said. “It is positively infuriating that my colleagues in Congress are so afraid of the gun industry that they pretend there aren’t public policy responses to this epidemic.”

He added: “The thoughts and prayers of politicians are cruelly hollow if they are paired with continued legislative indifference. It’s time for Congress to get off its ass and do something.”

President Trump honors victims of mass shooting in Las Vegas



6 comments on “2 Oct 2017 Horrible start to our day – news of mass shooting in Las Vegas Nevada

    • Ugh!!!! People who are at a tipping point already are just going over the edge. It doesn’t matter how this terror happens, it’s the fact it is happening so commonly now. I almost want to look at see if European knife company stocks went up because that’s how disgusting this all is too. People playing the stock market over the bodies of people killed in these events. Gun stocks shouldn’t be going up before (or even after) the body count of a mass shooting is even completed. Just sickening. Much love to you all – be safe out there!

  1. our tears are running with the tears of the families who lost a beloved one …. this is so horrible… and it happens everywhere… we hope we find a way to forget all the problems and disputes and we will stand together to chase the evil away… it was possible more than 70 years ago and I hope it will be possible again …

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