22 Sept 2017 Blanket (Word challenge to myself) and Unicorns

21 Sept 2017 – little drawing I did yesterday to try and express the feelings I was having about closeness to Kyle.

Hi there, how are you?  It’s 6:32 am on this Friday morning….gulp!  I say gulp as I reaffirmed it was Friday to Kyle and we both let out a heavy sigh lol.  Time to put on our big people pants on!  I wanted to mention, for anyone considering the same course of action,  that the ant invasions of the house have gone down to one or two stragglers.  It seems like the diatomaceous earth we bought is working.

I was looking through some of my poetry and came across a couple fun things I did back in 2013 – word challenges.  You are given a word and then you build a short poem around the word.  This one was “Morning Treat” and I made it about the first cup of coffee of the day:

14 March 2013 Flash 55 word challenge by Eric Alagan Word press

Morning treat

Your aroma drifts under the covers

Lifts my groggy limbs into motion

Through groans and mutters

The morning begins with commotion

Crash and boom go cupboards and pans

Two and four leggeds

Make their demands

The smart one has mixed you with cream and sweet

You sit waiting for me

My morning treat

Sometimes all you need to get started on a poem is a word, or for many an image, for inspiration!  So the word that came to mind for me this morning is blanket.  I love blankets!  I enjoy crocheting and knitting blankets and am almost done with the corner-to-corner  I’m working on right now.  It’s come a long ways since this picture was taken earlier in the year!

22 Jan 2017 – progress so far and I am very pleased with the yarn!

Kyle came into our relationship with a blanket that is pretty worn out but we still love it.  It has a unicorn on it which is a perfect symbol for how I feel about Kyle and his being in my life!  Kyle’s mom found it along with one that had a lion on it at a garage sale many years ago.  He chose the unicorn.

This is a blanket Kyle has had for many years. It’s symbolic to me because I’ve always felt he was like a unicorn (how can such a great man exist kind of thing) and I’m the tree lol. This was the last place our Amber kitty rested before crossing the rainbow bridge.

This is what I came up with for my personal challenge.  It’s short, symbolic and sweet!

Unicorn Blanket

Your origin story is simple and your design is plain

But I can’t wait to pick you up and wrap you around me

Yet again

*a little something I found while searching for information about unicorns that made me smile; indeed a child choosing a unicorn as her favorite “aminal” makes perfect sense:


~The unicorn is part of the world of nature and part of the world of dreams–and completely of the heart. In many ways, it is a symbol of our longing for the mysterious and the unattainable~

Why Unicorns?!

When I asked Avery what her favorite animal was, I was not expecting her to say ‘Unicorn’. And then to go on and on about how she actually saw one, and describe it’s coloring and actions was just a bit much for me to grasp. I initially felt bad that she chose the unicorn, an animal which to me isn’t real and therefore I felt on some level that I had not done my ‘job’ as a parent in teaching her all about the wonderful, present, REAL animals on earth. This was how I felt until I started researching the symbolism of the unicorn and realized that in all actuality, real or not, it’s a wonderful animal to connect to and consider your favorite. I actually feel proud that she chose an animal that is an archetype of such spiritual significance~the unicorn generates tremendous power and energy, the image embodying great magic, mysticism, and wonder.

~The Meaning of Unicorns~

I found many words written about unicorns, but I want to share the ‘truth’ that I found amongst them all. The way that I understand it, unicorns symbolize the spirit of purity, innocence, and childhood. Almost every traditional legend containing the unicorn states that only a young pure female could attract a unicorn to become visible and be of this reality. Even so, the legend of the unicorn combines male and female in one beast and therefore rich in the symbolism of opposites.

~Unicorns have long been a representation of the Moon, a clear indication of female energy; this yin side is evident in the mysterious, intuitive, magick found within the unicorn. This embodiment of purity and natural truth is found threaded throughout most of the major cultures of the world and is thought valid to be an archetypal image. Archetypes are universal, reflecting a primal energy pattern. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, symbols and images reflect an archetypal energy at play within out lives. When we work with archetypes, we are lead back to our own primal source. The journey becomes part of the sacred quest, in which we find our true core.  Archetypes can be seen as spiritual symbols, and the magick and power they hold is only as great as the significance we attach to it.~

One of the greatest gifts I receive while learning through Avery is knowing myself on a deeper level. Through interactions with her, I am helped to see my world through a fresh pair of eyes which yearn for new experiences. Better yet, I am challenged to see things in a different way, and confront my old patterns of thinking and viewpoints. It was a refreshing experience to abandon judgment and see the pure beauty of believing in an animal that symbolizes such an array of love. I can’t think of a better animal to believe in at four-years-old than the unicorn. The unicorn represents love, purity, and the seeking of natural truth. It symbolizes balance of the yin and yang, and recognizes the power and mystique that animals can bring into our lives; which can ultimately help us learn the core of who we really are. This experience with Avery and her favorite “aminal” has taught me to be more open-minded and accepting, and through this I am able to find pure beauty in all things.



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