18 Sept 2017 My Mom’s letters and Season (poem)

Hello to you.  It’s 7:53 am on this Monday morning.  I honestly don’t have much to say, but wanted to say hello and put some positive vibes out into the Cosmosphere today.  With so much going on,  sometimes a dose of calm, of normal is what is needed.  I get that from my Mom’s letters.  I thanked my Mom recently for her letters because when I read them, for just a few minutes, I get to read about good, loving and positive things going on.  There are visits with friends, day trips in the car, walks with family and friends, cooking, baking, volunteering at the church and going to watch sporting events….taking a nap or reading a good book.  She reminds me that not all the world is in chaos.  On the envelope of her last letter she had sealed it with a little sparkly flower.  I had taken the letter outside to read it and I sat turning that little flower in the sun for quite a time!

A poem I wrote many years ago that seems appropriate as we near the first day of Fall!  Yay!!  Much love, hugs and light to you today.  I hope a reason to smile, to be happy will present itself to you today!   Remember God is in the details….the little things.  


Season by Jackie Wygant 6 Oct 2008

Chilling winds filter through trees

Dresses fluttering like feathers

In the cooling breeze

The small run and hide their rations for tomorrow

Mornings are too soon

The evenings darkness drinks in waning summers sorrow

The gardens harvested, their fruits set aside

My face turns to the south and my soul prepares

For a bumpy ride

A season of change rides in like a autumn horse

Steering the carriage of time

To another course


Autumn Wind Sounds : 2 Hour Long Relaxing Nature Sounds for Sleep




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