10 Sept 2017 When your dog is sick and Inner child (drawing)

Hello again.  It’s 2:34 pm on this balmy Sunday afternoon.  Link is laying on the plastic bag rug I made by the front door….don’t think he’s feeling very good yet.  He’s still having the runny poops outside but has eaten some today.  I cooked him and Spot a plain egg for breakfast and he ate that.  We checked to see if we could give him Pepto Bismol and apparently that isn’t a good idea:  http://www.petmd.com/dog/general-health/can-you-give-dog-pepto-bismol.  Please keep in your positive thoughts today.  Hopefully he can get some relief at the vets office tomorrow.

I’m all out of sorts about Link.  I’m kind of having some PTSD from what we went through with our cocker spaniel Sam that we lost in 2011.  So I decided to try and draw something and this is what came.  What you are looking at is “little Jackie” emerging from my grown up self.  My body feels practically useless today!   Adulting sucks!  Thank goodness for Kyle!


2 comments on “10 Sept 2017 When your dog is sick and Inner child (drawing)

    • Thank you so much for the love and kisses — must have worked because Linky is much better today! Yes, how to allow the inner child out without them taking over! I think you and I would get into trouble if we didn’t live oceans apart lol! Much love and hugs back to your side of the ocean.

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