8 Sept 2017 Lucid dreaming and broken Mary with open eyes (drawing)

Hi there.  It’s 7:15 am on this Friday morning.  Kyle and I didn’t sleep very well again last night but I did have one of those lucid dream snippets that I cherish.  It was of my Mom, Dianne looking at me and saying how tired I looked.  I realized I was dreaming and decided to take advantage of her and I being together and gave her a big hug!  I just kept repeating, “I love you Momma” and crying.  I could almost smell her perfume it was such a vivid experience.  We just don’t get to see each other often enough do we?!

6 Jan 2017 – Mom reading, relaxing and staying warm!

The headlines this morning of the 8.1 earthquake in Mexico and the havoc of Hurricane Irma…..UGH!  The logical part of me knows this is nature and the science of cause and effect in motion.  The spiritual and more metaphysical side is wondering if all of “this” going on is something else.  It’s probably a fusion of both.  Last night I did a chalk drawing of a young woman.  This morning I realized the drawing is as if my broken Mary statue opened her eyes.  When I look at her face it’s as if she’s saying without words, “Everything is going to be alright.”  I hope so!

“We know not where, we know not when, but the candle of spirit yet burns.” (words that came to me)  


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