2 Sept 2017 Pioneers Settlers Reunion Parade

Hello to you.  It’s 12:28 pm on this bright and sunny Saturday.  I hope that from wherever and whenever you are as you read this that life is treating you well today….that you are treating life well back in return 🙂

This morning we walked to old town Alvarado arriving right on time for the start of the annual Pioneers Settler Reunion Parade!  I took a picture of the start of the parade, our local ROTC folks and that was it.  I decided I wanted to “be in the experience” and taking pictures while trying to do that is just too distracting!  I didn’t want to miss the smiling faces passing by – especially all of our brave men and women from the local and neighboring Fire Departments that were participating!  There were lots of beautiful queens, the band was awesome, cheerleaders, volleyball team, church groups, local businesses and many gorgeous horses.  There was a group Ranchos Unos with some of the most lovely horses I’ve ever seen and they were marching their hearts out to the beat of the music playing!  I was so proud of our town today.  Within the parade was a peaceful gathering….representation of all the different walks of life that make up our town.  There were funny moments like watching a local bicycle group asking to cross the road in front of motorcycle riders that were part of the parade lol.  Tomorrow we are going to watch the Box Derby qualifications at 1:30 pm in the square.  We are trying to take advantage of events like this more often.  We have good people here in this town – events like this help bring us together.



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