30 Aug 2017 Sky therapy, playing in the mud and tiny green insect eggs

Hi there.  It’s 3:26 pm on this Wednesday afternoon.  The weather has been really beautiful here today and I hope the same for the folks further south trying to recover from Harvey.  So to combat my rising irritability and restlessness, I went outside this morning to get an attitude adjustment.  I was thrashing about with music blasting in my headphones….threw around my steel poles….nope just couldn’t shake out the unwanted visitor inside.  So I got my cot and spent some time with my sky therapist(s)…..the clouds…the God of my understanding.  When I first got out there, hardly any clouds were around but when I laid down, spoke my mind and the tears began to flow it seemed like they and my large bird friends gathered around to listen and carry my troubles away with them.

27 April 2017 – sometimes when I’m in the zone outside I can imagine transforming into a huge bird.

After my “therapy” I felt like drawing so I drew some more of my cloud wisp people.

30 Aug 2017 Jackie Wygant pen and ink drawings wisp people Alvarado TX

Then I began thinking about the organic orgonite bowls I used to make.  So I gathered grass clippings from cutting the lawn yesterday, some dirt and put it all in a metal bowl with some water and started making round balls.  I know…very childish lol…but it felt so good having the muddy grass in my hands!  It’s hard to get much dirt without tearing up places in the yard that need to keep the dirt it has, so I wasn’t able to make bowls like before.  The last time I let the grass clippings compost (very smell operation!) and then added soil and other stuff like coffee grounds.  Anyhew…it came to me to make the Fruit of Life shape with the balls of muddy grass.  Look a bit like chocolate glazed donut holes don’t they lol?!

30 Aug 2017 Jackie Wygant Fruit of Life from grass mud and water Alvarado TX

18 Sept 2015 my organic orgonite bowls waiting to dry

When I finished and went to wash my hands and the bowl, I noticed on the underside of the metal bowl were collections of tiny eggs!  I looked on the internet to see what kind of insect eggs they could be – might be moth eggs?  Couldn’t find a conclusive answer but I don’t care.  It’s amazing how perfect and precise these eggs have been positioned on the bowl!  There are so perfect they look like something you might artificially manufacture!  Nature never ceases to amaze, surprise and delight me.

30 Aug 2017 possibly moth eggs on underside of silver water bowl that’s been out in backyard Alvarado TX

I hope wherever and whenever in time this post finds you that it brings something positive to your moment.  It’s so important that when you have emotions inside that you don’t know what to do with that you find a positive outlet to express them.  Sometimes the ways I find to do this may seem silly, but they work for me and I feel it’s important to pass what I experience on.  Sharing our experience, strength and hope of life’s difficulties and other things we go through is a big reason I feel we are here on this earth.  Little we face in this life is for “no reason” even if at the time it may seem like it.  Love, light and hugs from me to you!



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