25 Aug 2017 Food boredom and ladies in chalk drawings

Hello there!  It’s Friday morning, 10:54 am as I write.  How are you doing right now in your time and place?  Hopefully well.  I’m running pretty low today.  Got up at about 2 this morning as the Baron’s pizza we had for dinner last night decided to burn through me….twice.  We should know better than to eat such things, but sometimes nothing sounds good and that’s what ends up getting served!  Kyle got groceries today and bought a bunch of potato chips to spice up meals….sigh.  I’m grateful he did the shopping, but not happy to have 4 containers of fat pills in the pantry!  We are going through another blah phase with food….obviously if potato chips are a spice lol.   Despite these feelings, I’m trying to stay in a space of gratitude…at least we have the money to buy food!  It’s the little things right?!

Well the lady with red hair I shared yesterday was washed away within an hour or so after I completed her, so I replaced her with a retro looking lady with blue hair and this morning my subject has a little face paint.  I’m on a bit of pretty ladies with curls kick I guess!  Thinking about trying pin-up styles or something next.  We’ll see what the muses inspire!  Many hugs, love and light through these wires and on the winds blowing between us.


3 comments on “25 Aug 2017 Food boredom and ladies in chalk drawings

    • I’m so glad you like them – it’s very therapeutic for me to spend time doing them. My stomach is better but scrambled eggs everywhere else. We are worried about people with Hurricane Harvey and just the country in general.

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