24 Aug 2017 Weird dream sequence and red haired lady in chalk

Hello to you.  It’s 11:54 am as I write to you this muggy, hot and mosquitoey morning!  Just came in to cool down after working on a chalk drawing this morning.  I’m tired again.  I know I’m sleeping otherwise I wouldn’t be dreaming.   I just wake up feeling exhausted.  Kyle is having the same problem.  He attributes troubles to inheriting family genes with the same problem and summer insomnia.  For me?  Probably just the “I’m getting old can’t sleep for shit!” problem lol.  We haven’t been able to pin-point any one thing that could be the cause and it’s going on two months of this now!

The weird dream sequence I remember was of walking in the snow and then hearing someone say, “she’s going to burst, she’s about to give birth!” and then seeing this glue-like substance on my legs.  It was wood pieces were glued to my legs.  Then there was a man that looked like actor Sam Neill laying on the ground screaming and contorting.  There was a man next to him holding a huge version of the citrine crystal I have and there was bolts of energy going from the screaming man to the crystal.  It was like the screams were charging the crystal (or was the crystal charging the man?! Hmmm!)

My bed side companions, crystal closest to you is citrine crystal

My mind putting together a lot of random stuff again….

This red haired lady looks a lot like my husbands avatar on FFXIV, Morrigu without the poofy red hair lol!

29 July 2017 Kyle Wygant FFXIV avatar Morrigu Deangelic – Paladin

24 Aug 2017 Jackie Wygant outdoor chalk drawing Morrigu red hair Alvarado TX

I hope you have a good day!  Love, hugs and light from here!


Be kind,
for everyone
you meet
is carrying
a great

ian maclaren – circa 1898

Adapted from original version: “Be pitiful, for every man is fighting a hard battle.” Ian MacLaren was the pen name of Reverend John Watson.

7 comments on “24 Aug 2017 Weird dream sequence and red haired lady in chalk

    • I have had dreams like this most of my life misifusa. What happens is in my conscious and or waking life certain experiences and images seem to get put together in just the right combination to make a key to a dream I will then have. Sometimes they make sense and I can immediately pin-point how the stuff in the dreams connect to what input I received while I was awake and sometimes it’s like I’m dream walking into other people’s stuff or they are bleeding over into mine. My Grandma was this way too.

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