9 Aug 2017 Dream about Vitimite and working through addictions in dreams

Good morning to you.  It’s 8:41 am as I write and I hope this finds you well wherever and whenever you are.  Kyle and I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping as of late but he left the room around 3:30 or so and I ended up having one of those detailed dreams I have.  There were several but this one was the most specific.

The dream was about something to do with a Native American woman who had a major disclosure to make to help some high profile case, not sure what, but she had a 1 million ton piece of “Vitimite.”  I saw the small piece she had that she could show us as a bunch of agencies had shown up to collect the large piece – very secretive.  The Vitimite was a crystal formation, dark red.  I was examining it and can remember commenting that it looked like it could have fallen from the sky as it was porous in nature but also could be from earth with all the stalactite forms on it.  The woman was making enough to go anywhere she wanted.  She could go to Europe but was talking about going to Santa Fé NM.  She owned a jewelry store and let us pick something out.  I couldn’t find anything in the parameters she let us choose from.  I was still trying to find something when I woke up.  all the pieces I wanted weren’t the ones we got to choose from.  The last one I was looking at was an adjustable ring with a green crystal shaped in the head of a cat!

The waking world keys that unlocked this dream, I suspect, had to do with me recently finding an interesting geology page and I think my subconscious is doing for me with ring shopping (used to be a problem) like it did after I quit smoking.    After I quiet smoking I would have dreams about smoking and wake up feeling guilty lol!  So I’m having unsatisfying jewelry shopping dreams after giving up shopping for jewelry in the real world.  It’s almost like an aversion therapy, but in my dreams versus reality.

So I did some looking to see if Vitimite was a real mineral or gemstone and turns out it is but it’s not how it was in the dream.  Vitimite is clear and white and the one specimen I could find anything about came from the Eastern Siberian region of Russia.  Minerals like Scoria rock, Vanadite and Agatized Dinosaur Bone are more like what the woman was holding in the dream looked like to me.  I did a lot of searching to see if I could find a mineral/stone that looked like what was in the dream and couldn’t find the exact thing but what I’m sharing here, imagine these all combined into one piece – porous bottom and think wall of spiny dark red crystals on top.


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