3 August 2017 Spider webs in the trees, ritual dream and markers to our animal selves

Good morning to you. It’s 8:22 am as I begin to write to you. Just back from the morning dog walk. The fog is clearing and as we walked I noticed the amazing handiwork of some of natures finest craftbeings spiders.  Spiderwebs….lots and lots of them and they were lit up by the morning dew and sunlight. I feel it’s important to notice and appreciate such works. It is these “little things” that make living on this earth such a miracle.

Kyle and I have not been sleeping well at all for what seems like two weeks. This time it is mostly Kyle that is waking up in the middle of the night and unable to go back to sleep. The month prior it was me….it goes in phases. Well when he leaves the bed and so do the dogs is when I have some pretty epic dreams. Is it the energy levels are too high in the room? Who knows right?!

Anyhew. The dream I want to share with you I had just before really getting up this morning and it was pretty wild. It never ceases to amaze me what snippets of my life my brain decides to splice together!

So the dream was about some church ritual that involved three people. It was me and two men . There was something about angels and I saw names written in an ancient book. I’m not sure if we were the angels or the blood in the vials we were each wearing was of angels. Each of us were wearing these vials of blood and a bunch of other amulets. One of the men, a blonde who kind of looked like my Uncle Lauren and David Bowie said about us wearing all these necklaces, “I never wear this much stuff. I always just wear….(can’t remember what he said).” The three of us were rebelling against this ritual we were forced to be performing. The two men managed to crush the vials of blood they were wearing and throw them into a swirling red vortex that was at the altar. As I was beginning to wake from the dream, I can remember trying to crush my vial against the stone floor of the church but it wouldn’t break. Then I saw the other two men, like ghosts, outside the church and then I woke up.

13 Aug 2012 Jackie Drawing – lots of symbolism here (3 August – looking at this again today, there are elements of my dream there)

I’ve mentioned in my blogs here before that I believe the waking world will give us a certain key combinations in our conscious world that will then unlock a dream in the subconscious realms. It works like that for me anyways. I’m thinking the vials of blood in the dream come from me seeing posts about people selling vials of GANS on the Golden Age of Gans Facebook page. Like I said, my mind puts together some pretty wild movies and I don’t mind sharing them. May be somebody will find them interesting fodder for a science fiction movie lol.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GoldenAgeofGans/ – Ihno Y Papendick Golden Age of Gans pendants (just one of many examples people have made)

Source Internet – http://www.nick.com/legend-of-korra/ – Korra on her spirit dragon.

During my meditation after I started to wake up, I started to think about how it seems like each of us has markers that probably can trace back to beings in nature we have the strongest in us. I’ve noticed certain characteristics in different people that seem to correspond to say reptiles, wolves, deer, cows, ocean mammals etc. What came forth from my inner voice for me was “dragon-bird.” The dragon/reptile comes from me and my really dry skin! I have found using lava rocks is useful in exfoliating. We all shed our skin, so it’s something we all have in common. Just seems like in my family we have an extreme case of it. The bird part comes from how I get when I’m outside and so many dreams I’ve had of flying. When I get my headphones on and spend time with the clouds, I just fly lol. Lately I’ve had several birds, mainly a large swarm of swallows and a few other larger “watcher” birds, start to appear when I’m out doing that. I’m probably stirring up a bunch of food for them in my movements and sounds! A magical and symbiotic relationship of sorts! It’s special to me that they are swallows. Kyle’s Grandpa Edward who left this world on 18 April 2013 had swallow tattoos. Whenever I see swallows I always say, “Hello Ed!”

2 Aug 2009 – Kyle’s Grandpa Edward Wygant, when we celebrated his 75th birthday together at his home in the Poconos of Pennsylvania!

Anyhew…will close. Thank you Mom and Les for the letters – got another one from you just this morning Les. Real letter writing for me this weekend!





2 comments on “3 August 2017 Spider webs in the trees, ritual dream and markers to our animal selves

    • Thank you! Yes, I didn’t know him for very long but what I did know of him I loved. He used to send me emails with nature pictures he found surfing the net as he didn’t get out much. It’s those little things I miss. We really have no idea of the impact we make on people’s lives I think…just a smile can change someone’s entire outlook on life. hope you and your precious cargo’s are doing well and being safe out there!

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