28 July 2017 Space plane with glass bottom dream

Good Friday morning….it’s been quite some time since I’ve written.  Hope everybody out there is doing well today.  It’s been really hot and dry again here in North Texas but it is summer so not too big of a surprise.  I’m ready for summer to be over for sure!  I’ve always been more of a cool weather person – favorite seasons being fall and winter…neither of which occur here lol.  Sigh.  I live vicariously through my family and friends who live in places that still get four seasons.

Anyhew.  What has been going on with us? Absolutely nothing and no complaints from here!  Nothing happening is definitely a good thing in the days we currently share as a world.  I’m trying to really work on just staying in a gratitude space and focus on what is within my power.  Yesterday I posted a message on Facebook about if someone is trying to troll you somehow do something unexpected — be kind to them.  Nothing freaks a troll out more than kindness lol!  “What do I do with this?!!!”

I had a really cool dream last night/this morning.  I was on a space ship and it was so vivid.  We were going through all the preparations and our pets were even on board.  I even got to watch my old cat May get in a fight with another passengers cat that was on board lol.  The ship took off and at first we were flying through winter like conditions but the ship had a glass bottom and I could see mountains and beautiful blue lakes below.  It was over too quick!  At the end actor Zachary Quinto (new Star Trek’s Spock) popped in and introduced himself!  What  a fun dream!

This morning when I was sharing about the dream on Facebook, I saw a headline about Richard Branson and his ceding part of his Virgin Airline stock.  Then when I went to look to see if a space plane with a glass bottom existed, I found out that Virgin airlines is exploring planes with glass bottoms!  Too funny and typical for me when I follow something.   I think it would be cool to fly in such a plane even though I haven’t been up in a commercial airline since I think 2005?!  Many years ago I can remember dreaming about flying in a transparent plane like Wonder Woman….almost there right?!


Source Internet – Virgin Airlines glass bottomed plane!

Source Internet: Linda Carter as Wonder Woman in her plane….just like in one of my dreams! I was so excited to see Linda Carter portraying the US President on Super Girl!

28 July 2017 – pink spirit book drawing yesterday. I was thinking about even after our bodies are gone how we live on through nature’s beings – fragments of us are even everywhere as we are alive. Think about all the skin cells we spread every where we go!





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