29 July 2017 FFXIV wedding today, chalk drawing and dreams

Good morning to you – it’s Saturday here at 9:09 am as I write to you.  Hoping for rain but our chances are pretty slim for today.  The trees in our backyard are shedding leaves and the cottonwood next door dumped a huge branch in our yard.  This climate change is the hardest on the beings that are stuck outside in it – especially the trees.  I watered everybody this morning before the sun was fully awake…..not sure if it helps but I do put loving intention into the effort.  I suspect I would have to leave an open tap and almost flood out the yard to really get the trees the amount of water they really need.

We have a double wedding to attend this afternoon — online lol.  Some friends of ours are taking advantage of some bennies (special stuff) that comes with getting married in FFXIV (online MMORPG) we play.  If we get some pictures I’ll try to share them.   If you get married in-game and pay $10 real money per person, you get a special duel passenger mount, a ring that allows you to teleport to wherever your partner is (wouldn’t that be SO COOL to have in real life?!), special wedding gown and or tuxedo and special haircuts.  We’ve been teasing our friends about them about only getting married to get a double mount…..yeah we can be perverts sometimes LOL!  Unlike in much of our current world, it doesn’t matter “what” you are, people are just happy for you when you get married.   http://www.finalfantasyxiv.com/ – link to website for game.

This chalk drawing managed to happen in spite of all the mosquitos and gnatsies that were trying to bite me and the ants who for some reason just have to be on our patio instead out in the yard.  I got to thinking as I was flinging errant ants away with my broom that this must be what’s it like to be famous.  Your trying to do your job and people (ants) just keep interrupting you for selfies!  “Fuck off you ants I’m working here!!!” Lol….yeah that’s why I’ll never be famous.  Anyhew….I like her hairstyle and color.  Kind of like Rachel from Blade Runner but neon colors instead.



I’ve started keeping a dream journal and have been doing better about remembering my dreams again:

The first one was the coolest as I got to go jewelry shopping without spending any real money lol.  I found this gold ring with a large round bezel set diamond in it.  I couldn’t decide on what facet style I like the best and to my amazement I didn’t have to choose!  The stone changed facets (diamond cuts) as I held it!  I jumped in and out of the dream it startled me so much lol.  I shopped around and saw other more inferior colored gemstone rings etc. but came back to the first one even with it probably being so expensive.  Can you imagine how cool that would be?  A sentient diamond?!  This dream may have been triggered by my admiration of the crystal work of Jack Storms.  He recently had a new sphere on his Facebook page: https://jackstorms.com/

Source Internet: jack-storms-glass-cube

The next dream was creepy.  I dreamt I was cleaning a house and there was so much dust everywhere – especially up the walls.  Pretty realistic to our house with two humans and three furry pets.  Anyways, the creepy part was when there was a skeleton of an old lady in a bed and I dusted over her too!  My Mom’s brother, Butch, was there for some reason too!  No idea what was going on there.

The last dream I remember was something out of a horror movie.   I am wondering if it was my minds way of putting together thoughts I have about each of us being fragments of each other.  I was in like this hotel or something and there were these chefs that were in separate pieces and then came together for the day – their parts slid together and stacked on top of each other.  At night they were in separate body pieces again and packed away in a closet….like zombies I guess?!  One of them yelled at me and was very disgruntled.  They said it was hard to have pieces of others that were billions of years old!  Yeah…very bizarre.

*ran out of picture space again….have to delete some stuff I guess.


28 July 2017 Space plane with glass bottom dream

Good Friday morning….it’s been quite some time since I’ve written.  Hope everybody out there is doing well today.  It’s been really hot and dry again here in North Texas but it is summer so not too big of a surprise.  I’m ready for summer to be over for sure!  I’ve always been more of a cool weather person – favorite seasons being fall and winter…neither of which occur here lol.  Sigh.  I live vicariously through my family and friends who live in places that still get four seasons.

Anyhew.  What has been going on with us? Absolutely nothing and no complaints from here!  Nothing happening is definitely a good thing in the days we currently share as a world.  I’m trying to really work on just staying in a gratitude space and focus on what is within my power.  Yesterday I posted a message on Facebook about if someone is trying to troll you somehow do something unexpected — be kind to them.  Nothing freaks a troll out more than kindness lol!  “What do I do with this?!!!”

I had a really cool dream last night/this morning.  I was on a space ship and it was so vivid.  We were going through all the preparations and our pets were even on board.  I even got to watch my old cat May get in a fight with another passengers cat that was on board lol.  The ship took off and at first we were flying through winter like conditions but the ship had a glass bottom and I could see mountains and beautiful blue lakes below.  It was over too quick!  At the end actor Zachary Quinto (new Star Trek’s Spock) popped in and introduced himself!  What  a fun dream!

This morning when I was sharing about the dream on Facebook, I saw a headline about Richard Branson and his ceding part of his Virgin Airline stock.  Then when I went to look to see if a space plane with a glass bottom existed, I found out that Virgin airlines is exploring planes with glass bottoms!  Too funny and typical for me when I follow something.   I think it would be cool to fly in such a plane even though I haven’t been up in a commercial airline since I think 2005?!  Many years ago I can remember dreaming about flying in a transparent plane like Wonder Woman….almost there right?!


Source Internet – Virgin Airlines glass bottomed plane!

Source Internet: Linda Carter as Wonder Woman in her plane….just like in one of my dreams! I was so excited to see Linda Carter portraying the US President on Super Girl!

28 July 2017 – pink spirit book drawing yesterday. I was thinking about even after our bodies are gone how we live on through nature’s beings – fragments of us are even everywhere as we are alive. Think about all the skin cells we spread every where we go!