25 May 2017 A New Design

Hello to you – it’s 1:41 pm as I write.  The pictures that I have to share with you will hopefully make sense in the sequence of the previous posts.  What has come to me is the only way through this design is through energy of creation…..creativity….originality….free-form thinking and subsequent design and manifestation.  What I made this afternoon I did with materials I already had – the only thing new was how I perceived what was before me, input from Kyle for how to start it and then just going with the flow.  We can’t change the past.  We can only live in the moment we are in and imagine the future while we are in the present.


2 comments on “25 May 2017 A New Design

  1. I like it it reminds me a little of the breton triskel :o) … it’s amazing how much music I loved once I can find while reading your blog… like Ultravox… how could I forgot them?

    • 🙂 Music is my first love and that’s why I try to share it here to help remind others too. Our generation, before and now of musicians are prophets, channels of the muses that try to share with us what we are waiting for and or need to hear. Ultravox and so many other bands from the 80’s spoke our language and are part of what began “time travel” – the fusion of music and video….sound and vision.

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