22 May 2017 My spirit walk in town today – the three Mary’s

Hello to you.  It’s 3:39 pm and Kyle and I are back from lunch at our favorite local place, Taqueria Torres and my 3 hour walk in town!  I had to get out for some peace as they are hard at work on the house AND fixing the street in our neighborhood and it is noisy lol!  I’m grateful but it’s hard for me to have spirit time when there is a lot going on.  So I packed my camera bag with shoelaces for a strap (the strap that belongs to the bag is Spot’s make-shift harness for dog walks) and set out.  Kyle stayed home with the dogs and the folks working on the house.

It is amazing what happens when you allow yourself to go on a walk with the God of your understanding or as my friend Patty Ladale says, “internal navigation system.”  If the voice inside says go right, you go right and just walk and then you find something that leads to something else.  That’s what happened today and I am sharing my walk with you in pictures.  Where my walk lead was to two Mary’s and our local cemeteries Veterans Memorial and then lunch at our favorite Mexican food place that has a 3rd Mary on display inside, I’ve shared her with you before (last pic in gallery).

I hope my sharing this with you can help you somehow reader.  Thank you for allowing me space in your time to share this.  Love to you!



3 comments on “22 May 2017 My spirit walk in town today – the three Mary’s

  1. it was great to walk with you… we all need some peace (specially with workers in the house)… and our world needs peace after another day with terror&tears in manchester,..

    • Sigh, I had not heard about the explosion in Manchester! If more of us do our part, may be we won’t attain perfect peace but perhaps understanding, acceptance and change that move the world towards a more peaceful coexistence. I’m starting to think peace and perfection go together — neither one is completely possible because of the dual nature of all things. Much love to you all today!

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